Gemma Harley

Gemma joined the ANLP in March 2017, to support the organisation of the NLP International Conference and ongoing ANLP projects.

Gemma Harley

Gemma came from a Strategic Leadership role at the RSPB, Europe’s largest membership based environmental not for profit organisations. Her experience is varied, including business strategy, senior leadership, training and project and event management.

Previous managers describe her as an innovative big picture thinker, with a keen eye for detail. She is known for her organised and solution focused approach, making her a strong and successful project leader.

She is extremely passionate about NLP and its possibilities, after using it to overcome previous personal challenges, after the sudden death of her father. She describes learning the fundamental principles of NLP as one of the most enlightening and empowering experiences she has ever had.

She explains,

NLP is such a powerful personal development tool, through my journey; it’s opened my eyes to the inner workings of myself and others, improving my self-esteem and understanding of others behaviours. It’s a gift that keeps on giving! It doesn’t end with completing the courses, in fact that’s just the beginning and that’s why I feel privileged to work in a position which is supporting the NLP Community’s continued development. It’s already been such a pleasure working with a team where we all share the same passion and commitment, to ensuring NLP continues to make a difference in the world.

Aside from all things NLP, from an early age, she was an avid nature and animal lover and went on to work for two of the most well know nature conservation charities, WWF-UK and the RSPB. In her spare time, she loves to be outside in nature, hiking with friends and family. She has a keen interest in photography and takes her camera with her to capture the beauty of nature.

Gemma is really excited about being a part of supporting the growth and development of the ANLP, as the business continues to evolve to bring the very best service and support to NLP Professionals.