Ian Pitchford

Ian is the ANLP Regional Ambassador for Devon. He is an ANLP Accredited Trainer, Master Trainer and leadership consultant and executive coach.

Ian Pitchford

Ian Pitchford is the ANLP Regional Ambassador for Devon.

Ian is an ANLP Accredited Trainer, a Master Trainer and leadership consultant and executive coach. He is the founder of i2i Development Solutions Ltd and A Mind 4 Adventure.

As a NLP trainer, Ian is someone who is well on the way to becoming a Master Trainer where he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that is instrumental in supporting people changing their outlook on life. Ian can work with individuals, teams and whole organisations, supporting those wanting to become NLP professionals, corporate business clients or as a mentor or coaching supervisor.

In addition to being an NLP Professional, in the last ten years Ian has been instrumental in the growth of his own company...and he has also completed an MBA, obtained a Diploma in Performance Coaching and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education as well as being a Certified Master Coach.  Ian is also credentialing with the International Coaching Federation as a Professionally Certified Coach. Passionate about hypnotherapy, Ian is also holds a Hypnotherapy Professional Diploma and Supervision Professional Diploma with the National Council for Hypnotherapy.

Ian spent over 12 years in the Royal Navy where he spent a large proportion of his time with Commando Helicopter Force.  Ian has also held project management roles within the Ministry of Defence and worked as a leadership instructor at the Fleet Air Arm leadership school in North Wales.

Ian not only delivers training, he is also a very active coach, supporting a vast array of people on their personal journey through life. Coaching face to face, via the Internet and telephone, Ian supports both individual clients and other coach’s. Whilst not operating exclusively in these arenas’ Ian has very successfully worked with sports professionals and leaders alike. He draws upon his organisational development and change management experience to ensure all that he is involved in is grounded in the world of the client.

If he’s not at work then you find Ian on a river or up a mountain.