Nina Robbins

Nina is ANLP’s Membership Co-ordinator and PA to Karen Falconer. She is also a volunteer member of the Conference Committee.

Nina Robbins

Nina Robbins is ANLP’s Membership Co-ordinator and PA to Karen Falconer. She is also a volunteer member of the Conference Committee. 

Nina started working for herself at the beginning of 2005. At that time it was mainly transcription work and there is still have a transcription ‘arm’ of her business although Nina’s involvement these days tends to be more project managing and proofreading the finished documents.

Come 2011 and it was time to rebrand the business and The 5 Star VA was born. To say Nina was catapulted in a different direction was an understatement. Branding really is important and The 5 Star VA grew exponentially in a very short period. Nina found herself on a very exciting journey attracting a raft of different clients with a myriad of different needs.

Nina is based in Wiltshire and still offers virtual office support to small businesses alongside ANLP.

In 2014 Nina met Karen and they began working together. Her ‘day’ job is to look after the membership and that certainly keeps her pretty busy. In 2016 Nina did Practitioner training which was instrumental in helping her fine-tune her way of working. It also opened up so many new thought processes for dealing with people that prior to doing the course would have caused angst and stress.

ANLP is growing and evolving all the time, as is NLP, and it’s a very exciting time to be involved in this field with its endless possibilities.

Now with some NLP tools in her toolkit it makes her work with ANLP more interesting as it makes her feel part of a group of people with shared passions as opposed to just someone just doing a job.

Nina is married to Kevin and they live in a small village in Wiltshire with Hamish their Golden Retriever. Nina walks every day and feels very blessed to live in such a beautiful place. They are surrounded by hills and she kids herself that the walking keeps her fit!

Nina’s hobbies include photography, although very much as a keen amateur, walking (obviously!) and a few new ones which include gardening, yoga and Pilates.

In Nina's words:

I am extraordinarily lucky; I love my work, I get to engage with some very interesting people and like hearing their stories. I love the variety my work offers and I can honestly say I look forward to each and every day.