Patsy Wood

Patsy is one of the ANLP's Regional Ambassadors and is an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Certified HeartMath Trainer and Certified mBIT Trainer and Coach.

Patsy Wood

Patsy Wood is the ANLP Regional Ambassador for Herts, Beds and Bucks.

Patsy is an award-winning training professional and speaker, with a strong and credible breath of experience in Learning and Development gained from working at senior management levels in corporate, public sector, SME and charity organisations.

She is passionate about people development, and for people to be able to "Liberate their Human Spirit through Learning" in all areas of life.

Owner of Dynamic Development Solutions Ltd, Patsy specialises in Leadership, NLP, mBit and HeartMath training and coaching for both business and personal clients.

She has been described as “An energetic and passionate trainer with a wealth of experience to bring to any learning event to illustrate the application of knowledge, and she does this in her own unique, lively, engaging and fun way.“

Prior to setting up Dynamic Development Solutions, Patsy held Senior Training Management Roles in 2 blue chip telecommunications companies for over 25 years. Working with Directors and their teams she was responsible for developing the training curriculum and development of people from Director to Customer Advisor level She managed a UK wide training team to support her in this, alongside managing the training and output of 3 outsourcing companies, and the project management and training of all new call centre staff and management.

It was whilst in this role that Patsy was awarded the Training Magazine Award for Most Inventive Training Solution. This was for her work partnering with local government bodies in Greenock and Merthyr Tydfil to agree and design a re- training programme in local colleges to reskill local people such as miners and shipbuilders in customer service. She also maximised the use of local training providers to support this project and this ultimately led to more re training of people pre-recruitment and gave greater chance of employment to local people.

In 2004 Patsy decided it was time to follow her dream and set up her own training company. Supporting business and individuals reach their full potential has always been her passion – and after attending her NLP Practitioner course she realised she needed to take this passion out into the world and reach a wider audience.

After a very successful start in her own business, later that year Patsy was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Following this diagnosis, she spent a year in treatment, where she used NLP to great effect to manage her illness and the impact it had on her both physically and emotionally.

Through her experience she realised that there was a great need to introduce NLP to people and carers dealing with cancer, and other illness, so that they can have more options and choices of how to deal and manage their situations.

Patsy has worked regularly with Macmillan Cancer Care and has featured in their national radio promotion “No one needs to face cancer alone”, numerous newspaper and magazine articles and promotional videos. She has also spoke at the royal College of Surgeons for Myeloma UK and speaks at their conferences and support groups.

Since starting her company Patsy has worked with a very wide range of companies and her clients range from CEOs Directors, New Managers, Management Teams and Individuals looking for personal and professional development. Patsy is passionate about her work and has strong values about integrity and honesty in her training and coaching.

She says,

The training my company provides is innovative and creative and guaranteed to provide support and development to individuals and businesses to make the changes and improvements in performance they need to achieve the results they need for their success. My ethos and core vision is centred around Liberating the Human Spirit through Learning … in every area of life