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A PhD psychology student is working on the definitions of meta-programmes and needs a number of volunteers to undertake two experiments that are sequential. 

The first is simply 10 questions that define what a meta-programme is - such as Internal, or Away From - and has a sliding scale underneath it to allow you to tell the researcher how ‘Internal’ you think your thinking is, for example. This should take you ten minutes to complete.

Then the second experiment is the Identity Compass profile tool. This will take a little longer - around 35 minutes - and it asks questions that you will all know. It is determining your fifty meta-programmes and how they combine to form your personal thinking pattern.

The researcher will then map the scores you gave for those ten MP’s against the actual score from the Identity Compass profile to determine your level of self-awareness (in this context).

If you are interested in taking part in these two experiments, you will need to sign a consent form as part of the university ethics process, as well as understand that your data will be completely anonymised as part of the research.

The more participants this experiment can achieve, the more robust the output, and this will benefit the NLP community in the long run, as meta-programmes become acceptable within mainstream science.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Darren Stevens directly at for the consent forms.


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