NLP Practitioner CDs & ManualNLP Practitioner CDs & Manual

NLP Practitioner CDs & Manual

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The NLP Practitioner 16 CD series, lasting around 12½ hours in all and with a fully referenced manual, will give you the information you need to either:

  • Learn the theory of the NLP techniques, possibly before actually deciding whether to book on
  • a NLP Diploma or NLP Practitioner course
  • Prepare and do the pre-study for your NLP Practitioner course
  • Provide post-course reference material to remind you of what you learned on your NLP training, whether you studied  with us or not.

Even if you have no intention of studying NLP formally, these CDs will give you a huge amount of invaluable information to help you to, amongst other things:

  •  Learn the underlying beliefs of successful people
  •  Manage, coach and communicate with people more effectively
  •  Sell more
  •  Improve your leadership skills
  •  Build rapport and trust with people
  •  Gain more personal alignment – be true to who you really are
  •  Improve your confidence, especially in situations such as presentations and interviews
  •  Turn negatives into positives
  •  Resolve (or even prevent) conflicts and misunderstandings
  •  Present information more effectively
  •  Negotiate more effectively.

The Time Line materials are only provided on the NLP Practitioner Course therefore there is nothing in this section of the manual.

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