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“Congratulations! At last a dedicated magazine that can be an authentic voice for those of us in the NLP/personal development field. There has been a void for so long and you have filled it with quality and distinction. Thank-you.” Paul Hunting, Author of ‘Why talk to a guru? When you can whisper to a horse: the art of natural leadership.’

“Rapport magazine is just so brilliant and so professional. I have seen how it has developed over the years and it is really superb. It helps me so much - I feel really proud when I give Rapport to people who are interested in NLP and that helps them make a decision.” Darshan Kaur, NLP Professional

"Thanks for sending me the magazine. Thought it all very interesting. Makes me think I ought to do an NLP course!" Julia Johnson

"I hope you are having a beautiful week, and the world is smiling big on you. I just read your latest issue of Rapport from cover to cover, and I want to congratulate you on doing another brilliant job with your latest edition. Giving my previous background in journalism, I can truly appreciate how much hard work you must of put in to create such an incredible magazine. I especially love the lay out and design of it, and all the detailed graphic art work. It truly is a beautiful magazine that is filled with a lot of high quality content." Kris Hallbom

"I've been writing for Rapport for a few years now and Karen is very welcoming of ideas, encouraging and supportive (this has helped me approach some of my personal development icons and interview them). Sometimes, NLP can feel like an enormous subject area but Karen brings heart to ANLP. She is very enthusiastic about keeping up to date with developments and sharing them to help readers, members and colleagues in the loop. Rapport is one of my favourite clients and that's because Karen is delightful to work with." Eve Menezes Cunningham, freelance journalist and Rapport editorial team


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Research review of eye accessing cues
Authors: Diamantopoulos, Georgios; Wooley, Sandra I; Spann, Michael
Date Published: 2009

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