Testimonials for the ANLP Accreditation Programme

Tony Nutley talks to ANLP about why he chose to be an ANLP Accredited Trainer

"I would like to congratulate ANLP on their recent development on their comprehensive guidelines and standards for NLP Trainings and Trainers.  This is much needed within the field and will aid the credibility of NLP as a powerful technology of communication excellence. It is a pleasure to endorse the standards and I look forward to supporting ANLP as they continue to facilitate members to embed the standards and ethics of quality training." Lisa Wake, Master Trainer

"The continued development of accreditation and membership standards will in the end give more and more confidence to the buying public, both for practitioners, trainers and the corporate world." Tony Nutley, ANLP Accredited Trainer

"When I qualified as a trainer it was accreditation from the ANLP that I sought. I am proud  to be an ANLP accredited trainer. I was saddened that although NLP has an obvious focus towards enhancing understanding, communication and relationships that there is still derision and exclusion practiced by some other organisations that purport to represent the NLP 'community'.

The ANLP accreditation process was thorough so when it was awarded, I felt I had earned it and deserved it. (I discovered that the only prerequisite required for accreditation from certain other associations was a cheque!)" Denise Collins, NLP Trainer

"Completing this application form has been a most useful process in ensuring that everything is in place for me to deliver a quality programme with integrity" Helen Spencer, NLP Trainer

"Auspicium decided to work with the ANLP because they felt it would provide them with additional credibility and provide a positive for buyers and differentiator in competitive bidding. “ANLP is independent and UK based which we saw as a benefit for us and a complement to INLPTA and ABNLP accreditations. Being accredited by a credible, independent third party helps HR departments and training buyers to make their decisions more quickly and makes them easier to justify.

Being one of the first companies and individuals in the world to be accredited by ANLP is an honour and privilege”. The ANLP Accreditation logo highlights four values which are important to Auspicium -  ethics, integrity, professionalism and standards. “The process of accreditation has enabled us to see areas for improvement in training delivery, content and business context. It has helped us in our intention to be a truly excellent training organisation.” David Key, Head of Training and Research Auspicium Limited.

"UKCPD saw accreditation as a way to increase buyer confidence. “External validation shows your processes have been checked out. In our case, most of what we were doing was right. There were a couple of things we could have been doing differently. Accreditation drew our attention to the need to screen people to ensure that the right people get on to the course. We now have a robust screening questionnaire.

Choosing ANLP as an accrediting body was made easier because “the ANLP of today is an incredibly professional, standard setting, academic conference organising and overall high quality flag waving group of people that I am confident to associate my business whole heartedly with.

The next step in UKCPD development is their Master Practitioner qualification. “We were clear that it had to be accredited by the ANLP and at Level 7 with the ILM. Both organisations have worked (and are still working) hard on this with us and I know with their help and support we will have the accreditations in place very soon.” Tony Nutley, Training Director, UK College of Personal Development.
"Performance People provide transformational leadership & coaching courses with NLP content and have a strong customer base in the Military sector which created specific requirements. “We needed to be able to map from the ANLP accreditation to the National Qualifications Framework for ELCAS. ANLP provided external validation of our mapping and were very helpful when our requirements changed at the last minute.

Performance People are also accredited by ABNLP and INLPTA and an approved ILM centre so the accreditation process was nothing new. “The ANLP process is well documented and they walk the talk. It offered a consistent approach, with appropriate values, standards and ethics and allowed us flexibility of delivery. It allowed us to express our personality and meet the needs of our client base. As a bonus, we were able to develop our candidate handbook from the ANLP accreditation guide.” Mark Woodhouse, Training Director,Performance People


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