The Research and Recognition Project

The NLP Research and Recognition Fundraising Committee has recently launched an ambitious and exciting fundraising campaign. They are contacting NLP Institutes world-wide asking for small monthly donations from their members and NLP practitioners.

The NLP Research and Recognition Project has made impressive inroads and significant accomplishments in the past few years, and these warrant strong Foundation support. Foundations however, require the NLP Community to show funding contributions before they will open their purses. 

Until their infrastructure is funded, the NLP R&R remains vulnerable. They are now well beyond what a completely volunteer organisation can sustain.

How Can You Help?

By making a small monthly donation, as little as $5 a month, you can make a difference! Small donations from NLP Practitioners around the world can, and will be, reflected hundredfold in Foundation contributions.

Only you, the NLP Community, know the gifts these NLP materials will deliver to the world. Let’s join in this and make our dreams of this a reality.

Donate now by visiting the Research and Recognition website

Download PDFs for further information:


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