What is an NLP Master Trainer

Only a ‘Master Trainer’ of NLP, or someone who has reached the equivalent standard within the Professional Guild, can deliver NLP Trainers Training and issue an NLP Trainers certificate to an NLP Trainer.

There are very few ‘Master Trainers’ in the UK and ANLP is continuing to work with all the other recognised NLP organisations who have a presence in the UK to compile a definitive list of those NLP Trainers who are recognised as being qualified to deliver Trainers Training.

If you are proposing to take an NLP Trainers Training course, please ensure that your qualifications will be recognised by the relevant bodies you would like recognition from before you embark on your training course.

ANLP have worked with all the main organisations who have a presence in the UK to produce a set of criteria which, if met, will enable Trainers to be recognised by ANLP as being able to deliver NLP Trainers Training courses.  Please see our web page Criteria for becoming a Master Trainer

We are grateful to ABNLP, INLPTA, ITA and the Professional Guild for their help in compiling ‘Master Trainer’ criteria.


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