NLP skills and principles help foster productive communication between child and parent. You can discover how to define what you want in a positive manner and then communicate clearly so your child understands and responds appropriately to the choices.

For example, telling a child what NOT to do may actually increase the likelihood of the action. ‘DON`T spill` may result in more spills because to interpret this command you have to start by thinking about spilling. Telling them ‘DON`T worry` can start them worrying. Instead, let them know what to do – ‘Be careful` or ‘Stay calm'.

Really listening to your child and working with their descriptions of life can reveal how they construct their own world. Teaching them to visualise can help them to excel in today`s education system. Teaching them how to manage their own state will enable them to effectively deal with a variety of situations.

Parents who learn NLP can teach the skills to their children and leave them with a legacy of good habits for clear and effective communication, tools for learning and for building self-esteem.

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