FAQs relating to ANLP Membership

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to ANLP membership and benefits

FAQs relating to ANLP Membership










What are the benefits of joining ANLP?

ANLP provides members with a range of benefits, all designed to support you to deliver your NLP services effectively and successfully.

Your ANLP Member benefits cover a range of resources and services, which are summarised on the Membership Benefits page

How do I join ANLP?

There is more than one way for you to join ANLP…after all, choice is better than no choice!

  • Online - follow this link to Join ANLP now. All you need are your basic contact details and your debit or credit card.
  • By phone - call us on 020 3051 6740 between 10am and 12 noon, Monday to Friday (except bank holidays) and we can take your details and payment over the phone.

Whichever method you use to apply, we will require the following additional information, depending on which membership level you choose:

  • copies of your NLP certificates
  • copies of your testimonials, or a direct link to your website if your testimonials are available online.

These can be uploaded directly into your profile via your dashboard or sent by email.

Please read the ANLP Cancellation and Refund Policy and Terms and Conditions of ANLP Membership.

How long does the Membership approvals process take?

In an ideal world, where we can verify your certificates quickly and easily, the membership process takes around 7 days – we review and verify all certificates received once a week, usually on a Tuesday.

However, if your certificates are less than easy to verify, this process can take a lot longer. Examples of verification being ‘less than easy’ include us being unable to easily trace your trainer and their lineage through our usual channels. These usual channels include checking with all the main certification bodies, completing searches, approaching the trainer and asking the applicant themselves if the trainer fails to respond…any certificate that does require additional checking could prolong the process as we are then reliant on third parties providing us with information in a timely manner. We would also recommend that you check that your certification does meet the core requirements for membership before you apply: https://anlp.org/core-requirements

Whilst you are waiting for your certificates to be verified, you do have access to many of the resources provided to members, including your members dashboard, where you can set up your profile, set up your courses library, submit case studies etc. Once your certificates have been verified and your membership is approved, your profile will become live on our website and you will have access to the members logos.

Do I need insurance to become a member?


Professional Indemnity insurance is not currently a legal requirement for NLP practitioners, however, a number of professional organisations, including ANLP, strongly recommend and would prefer it if you ensure you have adequate insurance cover if you are practising NLP and promoting yourself as an NLP professional. At the very least we encourage you to have Public Liability insurance if you have an NLP or NLP-related business where you have a client or clients on your premises or on rented premises for the duration of the session or course.

Claims for compensation from clients are becoming more and more common in an age of `no win, no fee` personal injury lawyers, and a large claim could be very damaging to a sole trader or small firm without the necessary insurance in place.

Adequate insurance also offers a valid benefit to your clients, which you can communicate to both existing and potential new clients. Insurance provides your clients with the peace of mind that if something should go wrong, there are funds in place to compensate them in the event of a loss or injury.

ANLP has negotiated discounted rates from Insurance companies which are available to ANLP members.  Click here for more information.

What membership level could I choose?

There are a number of different membership levels available to you which are detailed on the Membership Levels page.


What certifications are acceptable for ANLP membership?

All certificates will be checked to ensure they have been awarded by a genuine NLP trainer or Master Trainer.

In addition, ANLP sets the following minimum face to face** training hours for any certification to be acceptable for Professional level and above:

  • Practitioner - 50 hours
  • Master Practitioner - 80 hours
  • Trainer - 90 hours

**  ‘Face to face’ may include virtual training that meets the ANLP criteria for virtual training. For further information visit the ANLP Criteria for Virtual Training Page

Why do you want to see copies of my certificates and testimonials?

The short answer is because we want to continue protecting the reputation of NLP and ANLP (and therefore your reputation) by carrying out our standard membership checks.

We understand some people will have resistance to providing information in support of their membership application and what is seen as an added burden to their already busy lives. So, it seems appropriate to explain the thinking and long term planning behind this requirement.

We believe that any professional body that is seen to be fair and consistent in its approach to the scrutiny and registration of members will be acceptable to any future government authority with regards to the regulating of NLP. Our approach has been developed in consultation with leading trainers and the insurance industry. Insurance companies are already beginning to look more carefully at NLP qualifications and membership of ANLP is currently acceptable for a number of them because of the basic checks we have in place.

When a members profile appears within our promotional search facility both on the internet and when sent to people enquiring about trainers, the public can be assured that all our members hold NLP certificates awarded by genuine NLP trainers. 

Many of the current `chartered institutions` and professional bodies such as the British Medical Association, started as private organisations that set standards and procedures, and succeeded in their aim to bring reassurance to the public and maintain professionalism within their industry. Our policies are in place to protect both you and the public, as well as the reputation of NLP as a whole.

What constitutes a 'testimonial'?

Testimonials are required for all membership levels, except Associate.

The reason ANLP asks for testimonials is for additional third party verification that you are delivering a great service to your clients. After all, you look to ANLP to uphold the professional reputation of NLP based on standards and ethics and we need your support in maintaining that reputation.

What sort of Testimonials do I need?

Testimonials do not need to be especially obtained for ANLP, nor do they need to specifically mention NLP techniques or experiences. All we require are copies of:

  • letters, cards, thank you notes or emails from satisfied and grateful clients
  • feedback forms from workshops / training courses / corporate workshops
  • quotes from supervisors, mentors or colleagues

Some of you will already have these listed in your promotional literature or on your own website. These testimonials are for our records only, so if there are any concerns about confidentiality, please cross out or delete names.

What if I don't have any Testimonials?

Sometimes, the nature of your work prevents you from collecting testimonials. If you do not have any testimonials, then a reference from your supervisor, mentor or trainer will be acceptable.

Is Rapport magazine included in my membership?


Every member has access to the PDF version of Rapport as part of their membership. Rapport is published 4 times a year…so whenever you join ANLP you will get access to at least 4 issues during your annual membership.

In addition, you can choose to upgrade your membership to include Rapport in printed format (as well as your electronic version).

Is this a platform for client leads?

Whilst this is not something we make specific claims about, feedback from members suggests that some members do get a number of leads from the website. Of course, this partly depends on how engaging a members profile is, whether they have completed their practice locations in a way that will be useful for their clients and whether or not they complete their social feeds.

As we have a number of profile fields that can then direct potential clients away from our site to theirs, we do also provide stats for members, so they can see for themselves how successful their profile is, their links etc.

We work on the adage, ‘We can lead a horse to water, but we cannot make it drink’. We publish monthly stats in our member news updates and in Rapport, which indicate we have on average, 5,000 new visitors to our website monthly, with around 20,000 page views per month. We also publish stats on the number of  member searches, profile views and click throughs each month. There are further explanations about the member stats and the significance of profile etc in our knowledge base section, Making the most of your membership.