FAQs relating to ANLP Accreditation

We have compiled a list of relevant frequently asked questions appertaining to the ANLP Trainers and Course Accreditation Programme

FAQs relating to ANLP Accreditation










I am a newly qualified trainer and I have not run any courses yet - can I get accreditation?

Yes, you can apply straight away.

If you meet the requirements, the first course you run can be accredited by ANLP. Under these circumstances you would initially be awarded provisional accreditation with full accreditation to follow once further information has been received and approved.

I run a well established NLP training company - is there reduced application process for me?

To maintain the credibility, standards and reputation of ANLP Accreditation, we ask everyone to follow the same application process. We are confident that, in the case of experienced trainers, you will have all the required information ready prepared, and will simply need to collate it in our requested format.

Please contact us for further guidance.

How could accreditation benefit my business?

ANLP Accreditation has been devised to enable you to demonstrate your commitment to standards in a currently unregulated industry. It is means by which clients and students can differentiate between courses. You will be able to deliver quality assurance to potential clients and meet their requirements where external verification is needed.

Our main feedback so far has been that ANLP accreditation has helped:

  • Attract new customers
  • Improve course content and management
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Act as a useful marketing tool

Who is on the External Verification Panel?

Our External Verification Panel (EVP) is made up of experienced NLP Trainers and Master Trainers who also have knowledge and understanding of assessment processes.

Our current list of panel members can be found here

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying for ANLP Accreditation and have reviewed the information files available to download from this page, please contact the ANLP office for an application form and full Accreditation Guide.

How long does the accreditation process take?

Once we have received your application, and assessed it for completeness, we have a target to offer you accreditation within 7 weeks.

If we need to ask you for further information the process will take longer. Please also remember that our EVP (External Verification Panel) members are practising NLP Trainers and Master Trainers themselves and occasionally their work schedule may affect the target date.

We will always keep you informed of progress.

How is accreditation managed on an ongoing basis?

Once accredited, there is an ongoing programme for maintaining your accreditation:

You will be required to share the Accredited Trainer feedback link with all your students so they can complete their feedback about your course. We do require a number of these to be completed annually in order to maintain your accreditation.

Every year, approximately two months prior to your accreditation renewal, you may be contacted by ANLP to review your accreditation. We will ask for a sample of monitoring and evaluation evidence that you have collated for your students and this will be reviewed by the ANLP External Verification Panel.

We will also communicate with you regularly throughout the year, when course certificates or seals are required and the centralised database needs updating.

I am not quite sure what additional documents you need - can I have examples of agreements, policies etc?

We do have examples of some documents that you may find useful, including samples of contracts, training agreements and session plans.

If you would like copies of policy documents, please contact us - whilst all policies should be tailored to the company utilising them, we do have our own policies to cover such things as equality and discrimination, which may be of some use to you.

Alternatively, model policy documents can be found quickly and easily by searching the internet.

We do not offer any templates for course structure or content, because NLP is, by nature, a flexible, subjective and experiential tool and therefore your course content is designed by you because it is being delivered by you!

Can I use the accredited logo on my certificates?


The Accredited Trainer logo is for use on your marketing materials, social media posts, promotional materials and website only.

If you prepare your own certificates, then uniquely numbered gold embossed seals are available. There is also an option for ANLP to prepare certificates for your students (which also have the uniquely numbered gold embossed seal).

All students receiving ANLP seals or certificates are entitled to 3 months complimentary membership of ANLP, worth up to £140 and this is included in the cost of the seals or certificates. 

Details of how to apply for the seals, certificates and introductory memberships are included in your Accredited Trainer Application Pack.

Do I have to buy the certificates/seals?

You will need to purchase uniquely numbered embossed gold seals to add to your own certificates or ANLP issued uniquely numbered certificates for delegates receiving certification on any ANLP Accredited Practitioner or Master Practitioner course.

The seals are optional for other NLP related courses.

The fee for seals/certificates includes 3 month's ANLP introductory membership for all students (worth up to £140), as well as the administration fee for ANLP adding all your students to a centralised database, so that there is a permanent record of all students who have successfully completed accredited courses run by you.


If you still have a question regarding ANLP Accreditation, do contact us via email.

For all information on the ANLP Accreditation Programme, please check our relevant accreditation pages.