Our History

The Association for NLP was first founded as a membership body in 1985, and was originally a membership organisation owned and run by it's members.

Rapport was first published in 1985 and ANLP developed national conferences and other facilities for supporting members. Over the years, various sections of ANLP split away from the main membership body and formed their own specialist organisations: In the late 1990's, the therapy section became NLPtCA and the conference became an independent conference organisation in its own right.

In 2005, the Association in its original form ceased to exist due to financial difficulties, and was taken over by Karen Moxom, the present CEO. She spent two years rebuilding the organisation and reinstating the membership services such as Rapport and the website, before converting ANLP into a community interest company (CIC) in 2008.

ANLP International CIC continues to thrive as an umbrella organisation offering impartial and independent advice and welcoming NLP Professionals from a variety of backgrounds. ANLP was awarded 'Small Business of the Year' at the Hertfordshire Business Awards in 2009, in recognition of its achievements.

ANLP's flagship publication, 'Rapport' magazine, was joined by the first volume of 'Current Research in NLP', which was published in 2009, and 'Acuity', a new anthology for shared findings and learnings, first published in 2010.

From 2017, ANLP welcomes the NLP Conference back under its wing and will continue to run this as an independent international conference to support and celebrate the NLP community.

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