NLP Research Papers

NLP Research is increasing and there is now published research both in the NLP Research Journal and other Academic Publications

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NLP Research Papers

NLP Research is increasing and there is now published research both in the NLP Research Journal and via NLP Professionals and Academics completing Masters Degrees and Doctorates.

If you have completed an NLP Research Paper as part of either your Masters or Doctorate and would like us to include it on this page, please email the details.

Please note that these papers encompass NLP or make reference to NLP within their content.


Education Research 2008 - Churches and West-Burnham

Education Research 2010 - CfBT

The potential for examination success in the sixth form lies in belief - Voldis Kudliskis

The effect of neurolinguistic programming on academic achievement, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking of EFL learners - Zhang, Davarpanah, Izadpanah

The Effect of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Techniques on Young Iranian EFL Learners’ Motivation, Learning Improvement, and on Teacher's Success - Lashkarian & Sayadian

Peculiarities of Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques in Teaching - Seitova et al


Gatekeeping in Science: Lessons from the Case of Psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Katherine Dormandy & Bruce Grimley

Dr Andrew Huberman, Stanford Neuroscientist, shares some basic neuroscience principles which underpin the reasons for why NLP works on this 5 minute You Tube video:

Novel Eye Feature Extraction andTracking - Georgios Diamantopoulos

Organisation shared values and leadership influence - Chris Howell

An investigation into how NLP can be added to Positive Psychology as a source of interventions to increase self-esteem and subjective well-being in psychologically healthy populations - Melody Cheal (2009)

Dr Paul Tosey, ANLP member and former editor of our research journal, Current Research in NLP, and Trevor Day had an article published on NLP and well formed outcomes. You can read a copy of this by following this link to Paul’s profile on the University of Surrey website and selecting the Publications tab. Paul has many articles relating to NLP which may be of interest.


A critical review of NLP as an effective treatment for individuals with depression or anxiety - Lisa de Rijk (Formerly Lisa Wake)

Impact of NLP Communication Seminars in Nursing - Suzanne Henwood

NLP and PTSD: The Visual Kinesthetic Dissociation Protocol - Richard Gray

Maternity Mentoring AXA Dissertation - Johnathan Brooks (2016)

Dr Suzanne Henwood, ANLP member and main contributor to the NLP in Research series, had a Height Phobia Study published in The International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine in 2017, which is available from Sage Publishing

ANLP Member, Phil Parker, recently had results of a study at Bristol University published in the Journal of Archives of Disease in Childhood: Clinical and Cost-effectiveness of the Lightning Process in addition to Specialist Medical care for pediatric Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: randomised controlled trial  which states that the Lightning Process (LP) is developed from osteopathy, life coaching and NLP and is used for a varierty of conditions including CFS/ME. Phil has had a number of other NLP related research papers published in recent years, which can be found here

The New Scientist published an article in October 2011 titled ‘Your clever body: Thinking from head to toe’, which bears out the NLP presupposition about mind and body being linked.

Copyright prevents us publishing any of the content on our website, but you can subscribe and access the article via The New Scientist website.

NLP Wiki - In recent years, a number of NLP Trainers have been working collaboratively to create an ‘alternative’ to the Wikipedia reference to NLP. This new site includes many informed articles and research based content.