Acuity is the latest anthology of shared findings and learnings published by the ANLP for our Members.

Acuity is the new anthology of shared findings and learnings published by the ANLP and it is designed to sit between Rapport magazine and the Current Research in NLP Journal. It is a forum where the field can be enhanced and advanced; it is a place where pioneers can share ideas and like minds can discover developing dimensions around the NLP world.

As an ANLP member, you get online access to the current issue of Acuity within the members only area.

In order to create a quality journal, Acuity was peer reviewed by a panel including: Steve Andreas, Richard Bolstad, Robert Dilts, L. Michael Hall, James Lawley, John Seymour, Robert Smith and Lisa de Rijk.

James Lawley (the co-author of Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling), has been a great supporter of the journal:

It is with a great sense of ‘at last!’ that I welcome the publication of Acuity. For a good while now there has been a piece missing in the jigsaw that is NLP. Acuity fills the gap, and it does so in many ways. It motivates authors from around the world to write illuminating in-depth articles. It brings together a range of diverse topics thereby giving the reader an opportunity to make unexpected associations. And by publishing high quality reviewed papers it serves to raise the game of the whole field.

Depending on your membership level, you also have access to a number of Acuity articles which have been published since 2010.

If you are a non member or have missed a printed issue or PDF of Acuity or would like a PDF copy of a specific issue, you can order your PDF or printed copy (subject to availability), from our online store.

So are you ready to help enhance and advance the field of NLP?

Obviously, without contributors a journal is an empty experience. The aim of Acuity is to promote stimulating developments in NLP: new models, techniques, applications, refinements and new perspectives to old themes. We would like to help you share your discoveries with the rest of the NLP community and so we are looking for original, well written and well referenced contributions for publication in the journal.

Although Acuity is currently taking a sabbatical, if you have any enquiries or have written an NLP related article that you would like published in Acuity, please email us.

Acuity Writers Guidelines 2013

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