Location, Location, Location

For many of your potential clients or students, location is a key decision making factor for them.

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Location, Location, Location

You wil have noticed that one of the tabs on your members profile is called 'Locations'.

Why is there a locations tab?

Because for many of your potential clients or students, location is a key decision making factor for them! They may love your profile, but if you are in Cornwall and they are in Scotland, the travel becomes a key factor and is often one they will use for searches.

The converse applies too - if you are in Cornwall and so are they, you've already given yourself a better chance of being chosen, simply because you have entered your practice/training locations in your profile.

There is also a virtual box, so if you offer consultations or training virtually, you can highlight this by ticking the relevant box.

What is involved?

To ensure you do come up in location searches, put yourself in your client's position - you know your area and so will they! Will they be searching for London, or will they hone in on North Finchley or Golders Green? If you cover all areas of North London then list them out...Finchley, Friern Barnet, Golders Green, Hampstead...

Make sure you include all the key towns, counties, regions and countries that you cover...and make sure you spell them correctly!

We have had members query why they are not coming up when 'Hemel Hempstead' is the search term (we have used our own location for this example). On checking their profile, Hemel Hempstead is not mentioned in the location box, so that will be why! Our website is really good...but its not that good!

How do enter my locations?

Follow the How To guide called How to Update your Profile - its 90 seconds long and in conjunction with the advice given above, gives you all the resources you need to update your practice and training locations.

Why bother completing this section of my profile?

Like we said, many potential clients use location as a key decision making factor and especially now that there are virtual options too, its important that clients can filter their searches quickly and easily to find what is most relevant for them.

If your location tab has been completed, you stand a better chance of coming up in their search! You may question whether location is important and its all about meeting your potential clients in their model of the world. If location is important to them, then make it important for you too...and improve your chances of being selected.