What ANLP Doesn't Do

Membership of ANLP will do a great deal for your credibility and we give you a myriad of resources to empower you...

What ANLP Doesn't Do

Membership of ANLP will do a great deal for your credibility and we give you a myriad of resources to empower you to succeed as an NLP professional...and it is very much up to you how much you wish to make of your ANLP membership.

Even though we give YOU the tools to promote yourself and your business through our website and Members Resources, there are some things that we are unable to do and/or get involved in.

Offer NLP Training, Coaching or Consultancy

ANLP is neither an NLP training organisation nor an NLP Consultation Business - our members are! This is a deliberate and conscious choice because if we were to offer training in NLP or NLP Coaching or consultations, we would be competing with our members, which would be a clear conflict of interest. We are independent and our independence allows us to hold the space for our Members to practice to the best of their ability. When we say our role is to empower NLP professionals, we mean it.

Find you clients

Membership of ANLP allows you to set up your own, searchable, online members profile that showcases you, your company and your areas of expertise. Your membership gives you many tools to elevate yourself in your community or area of expertise and, we are not a client sourcing agency.

Feedback from FORMER members has been that they have not had any business from using the ANLP website. Our question has been 'How do you know?' and as a result, we have developed further stats for you to access via your members profile, which indicate how many searches you have appeared in through to how many of our website visitors have clicked through to your website.

Our research has shown that these members DO get shown in search results, however, they have not completed (or in most cases, even started) to set up their online profile. 

Our stats indicate that those members who set up their online profile are eight times more likely to have their profile selected when they appear in an online search than those who have not completed their profile at all.

We strongly recommend that you complete the Online Profile and upload an appropriate photo so that potential clients can see who they will be engaging with. Please remember: if you have an informative and complete profile, potential clients can find out what you do, what your expertise is, who you work with and what you look like. Without this information at their fingertips, they will be less likely to contact you!

Offer one-to-one support, consultancy or advice 

We provide support resources for many of the queries relating to the administration of your membership in addition to the Member Resources available on your member dashboard. However, membership fees do not include one-to-one consultancy support or advice on how to start, build, grow or expand your business or many aspects that are outside the remit of ANLP eg computer support, technical or legal advice. ANLP do have business experts who operate as independent consultants that can be engaged by you directly to support you in your business growth or specific areas of business expertise.

In the same way, ANLP staff are not in a position to act as your administration, finance or support staff. If you do require that level of service support, we can recommend resources for you to investigate further.

Get involved in legal disputes 

If you are involved in a legal dispute, ANLP are unable to manage this as part of a formal or informal complaint. Legal action, either civil or criminal, has legislative protocols to be followed and if any membership complaint is brought alongside legal action, the complaint will be deferred until the legal dispute has been resolved. ANLP will only get involved if called by any party to act as an expert witness. ANLP strongly advise members to have appropriate insurance in place to protect themselves and their clients. Some insurance providers will offer legal cover as part of the policy or for additional fees. Please ensure that you are adequately covered for your needs.

Handle complaints raised against non-members

On average, less than 5% of complaints received by ANLP can be managed through the complaints process because ANLP can only deal with complaints brought against members. Most complaints received by ANLP are about practitioners who are not members of ANLP. This demonstrates several things.

  1. Our Code of Ethics works! Our members abide by the Ethics of ANLP and are professional in delivering their services... and this reduces the scope for complaints!
  2. Whilst we sympathise with the plight of the general public when they choose NLP for their training, corporate or personal needs, we are unable to apply our Complaints Procedures to non-members on their behalf. We simply do not have any jurisdiction. We DO guide the public to seek resolution through the appropriate channels left open to them.
  3. It is important that your clients understand that they are working with a member of ANLP. This gives them the confidence that there is a Code of Ethics and a Complaints Procedure that protects them. This is why it is so important to carry out due diligence before engaging the services of an NLP professional.

Member-to-Member mediation

There may be time when you, as an ANLP member, are in a state of disagreement with another ANLP member. ANLP will not be involved as an arbiter in any dispute between members. Firstly we advise that you resolve your dispute amicably and with respect for each other's map of the world. If you believe that your dispute requires independent intervention, we suggest that you engage the services of a mutually agreed independent arbiter or an authorised/qualified Dispute Resolution Consultant (DRC). The DRC will be able to guide you further and advise on the legal implications (if any) of your dispute.  

If there is a clear breach of the ANLP Code of Ethics, then a complaint may be handled through the normal channels.