Collaborating Associations

ANLP, IANLP, IN-Institutes and INLPTA have formed a friendly collaborative way of Associating, in service of NLP

Collaborating Associations

The Talking Circle of Associations (TCA) has been formed by four of the most successful International NLP Associations in the world as a collaborative, dynamic and generative group. 

The main aims of the TCA are to

  • further raise the standards, practice and delivery of Professional NLP training and services around the world. 
  • continue to increase the credibility of NLP by demonstrating and supporting best practice
  • raise awareness of the positive benefits of NLP by collecting and collating narrative evidence which supports the effectiveness of NLP in practice.

The TCA welcomes the input and feedback of all, including other NLP Associations and will hold the space for the discussion of any matters that relate to building the positive brand of NLP.

In April 2022, the Associations announced their Unified Code of Ethics, details of which can be found on their dedicated website,