The Importance of Due Diligence

How do you know that the professional you wish to work with, is who they say they are?

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The Importance of Due Diligence

How Do You Know?

Nowadays, anyone can set up a website, build social media accounts and even create fake qualifications. So, when you are seeking support for yourself or your business, how do you know that the professional you wish to work with, is who they say they are?

The only way you can satisfy yourself that an NLP professional really is a professional is to do your due diligence before you work with them - in other words, check them out first. Just because someone makes a claim on their website or in their promotional material, doesn't mean that claim is true.

What to Look for in an NLP Professional

Whether you wish to work with an NLP professional or an NLP trainer, there are a number of checks you can make to satisfy yourself that they are a reputable professional. For starters, you can check:

Qualifications and Certifications

Did they obtain their qualifications with a reputable and renowned NLP Certifying Organisation?


Which Professional Body are they registered with and what assurances can that Professional Body offer?


Some NLP Professionals working in specific sectors e.g. Therapy or Training may have additional external Accreditation from one of the organisations that covers NLP.

Any professional who is a member of their professional body or has external accreditation will be on the member database of that organisation - so if you cannot find your professional on the database, then make further checks by contacting the organisation direct. 

All ANLP Members have their qualifications checked by us before we promote them on our website - we have copies of every members' NLP certificates on our records.

All ANLP Members can list their additional accreditations on their profile, so you can then check these further with the relevant accrediting organisations.

All current ANLP Members from Professional level and above will be listed in our Members Directory. Associate members are not listed in our directory because they may have professional reasons for not wishing to promote their membership - they may work for a public body and are required to hold membership as part of their employment.

Tip: If you are an HR Manager, business owner or individual considering employing an NLP professional please check our members directory...and if that professional is not listed on our database - please do check with us direct by email