NLP for Health

Do you have a heart to make a real positive difference to your local GP practice/s, their teams, patients and your community?

NLP for Health


Do you have a heart to make a real positive difference to your local GP practice/s, their teams, patients and your community? And share our passion for this mission?

We are a team of committed NLP Professionals who strongly believe in NLP and the value it can bring to Health & Wellbeing for us all.  We want to reach out to as many GP practices as possible for the benefit of GP teams, patients and our communities. 

Project founders, team leaders and facilitators are: Yvonne Fernando, David Maddams, Jane Iskander and Tasha Thor-Straten. 


Project Update, recorded at the NLP Conference in February 2024:



The project was started early 2021 and was inspired by the work Yvonne has been doing since 2010 with her local GP practice in Charing, Kent. The project team all come from different backgrounds and have also had positive experiences with NLP in the health and wellbeing field and all share similar beliefs, passion and the desire to make this project happen.

We want to see a lot more happy, healthy people and smiling faces – which we know is what can happen when you encounter NLP. 

We would like to hear from any NLP professionals who want to join us in making a difference to their local communities.



NLP - a prescription for change in Health & Wellbeing


For all GP practices in the UK to have access to NLP Professionals

We are doing this because…

  • We feel we have a responsibility to share the value of NLP
  • We have all had personal experiences of change and transformation in our own health and wellbeing because of NLP
  • Every day we see the wonderful difference NLP makes
  • We want to help others help themselves
  • We are already doing it at Charing Surgery in Kent and know a lot more people could be positively helped if enough NLP Professionals stepped forward

We are doing this by

  • Being Revolutionary, Responsible, Ethical and bringing Energy in service of this
  • Co-ordinating, introducing and providing accredited NLP Professionals to support this mission
  • Providing support for the Team of NLP Coaches/Professionals
  • Delivering awareness workshops to introduce NLP, what it can do and how it can help you and your patients – for GPs, Nurses, PCNs, ICSs and Social Prescribers
  • Provide information and awareness to the public on how NLP can improve health and wellbeing and their lives
  • Adding value in our communities by being role models for NLP (walking our talk)
  • Providing patients with more choice in their health and wellness
  • Providing a forum for shared, learning and experiences for our Coaching community


Enlighten.  Empower.  Enable.  Serve.  Heal.  Bring Integrity.  Be Real.


Would you like to be part of this?

If you share our passion for this mission, we would love to hear from you. Please download the form below and click here to email the NLP for Health Team 


  • ANLP Professional Member
  • Complete ANLP profile
  • Working towards or have Gold Professional standards
  • Use of ANLP logos on marketing materials

Please ensure you have the right qualifications and experience to work with this environment, including supervision, CPD, professional insurance, DBS and Safeguarding certifications.

NLP for Health Enquiry Form