Writing for Rapport

If there is a topic that you think would be of interest to Rapport readers, here's what you have to do....

Writing for Rapport

Are you a budding writer?

  • Do you have something important, relevant or interesting to share with the NLP Community?
  • Would you like your voice heard and words published?

Then, this is your chance to get your article published in Rapport Magazine.

If there is a topic that you think would be of interest to Rapport readers, you can either email a brief descriptive paragraph about your potential article to the editor, or download and complete the article submission template. For guidance, you can also download an exemplar article submission template here.

We will consider your article for one of our exciting future issues - we are always working up to a year ahead with planning so please be patient.

We do welcome speculative articles because we can find ourselves, on occasions, with a last minute gap to fill – however, there are no promises of when, or if, we will be able to include your article and we will always notify you when we intend to publish.

Word Counts:

  • 1 page article is around 600-700 words
  • 2 page article is around 1,000 to 1,200 words
  • 3 page article is around 1,400 to 1,600 words

If your article is bigger than this, then it may be that it would be more suited to our sister publication, Acuity.

*NEW* Section

Rapport has introduced a new section to highlight Modelling Projects undertaken by members, either when they were training or subsequently, as part of their business practices. This will be a five page article, which is a maximum 2,500 words.

If you have a modelling project that you think could be of interest to Rapport readers, please submit it to the editor in a word document format, for future consideration.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. And you never know, it could be your face on the front cover of Rapport!