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The ANLP Team

ANLP personnel work remotely around the UK providing professional, comprehensive and relevant services to the NLP Community. They are committed to raising awareness of NLP with the general public and promoting best practice amongst all NLP Professionals.

ANLP Fellows

ANLP is supported by many internationally renowned innovators in NLP, and is proud to have a strong list of Fellows, including Steve and Connirae Andreas, Judith DeLozier, Robert Dilts, Charles Faulkner, Steve Gilligan, Christina Hall, Bill O`Hanlon and Wyatt Woodsmall.

ANLP Advisory Board

ANLP has an Advisory Board, made up of NLP Master Trainers and Trainers covering a wide spectrum of experience from the field of NLP, and includes Nick Kemp, Jeremy Lazarus, Judith Lowe, John Seymour, David Shephard, Robert Smith, Emily Terry and Lisa Wake.

Accreditation Panel (External Verification Panel)

The ANLP Accreditation Programme is overseen by the External Verification Panel, who review and assess every Accreditation application. The AEVP currently has 5 members - Melody Cheal, Jane Douglas, Suzanne Henwood, Robert Smith and Lisa Wake.

ANLP International Ambassadors

ANLP has member representatives in various countries around the world.

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