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Imagine going to to buy some clothes and you stop between two clothes outlets.  The first has no name anywhere to be seen,

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Why do I have to complete my profile?

Imagine going to a shopping centre to buy some clothes.  Imagine you stop between two clothes outlets.  The first has no name anywhere to be seen, no clothes in the window and no obvious way to get into it.  It is white and blank.  The second shop has a name prominently displayed, an array of clothes in your style and colours, with good descriptions of the materials and enticing images…and a welcome sign on the floor with a clear glass door that says “This way for great clothes…”  You get the idea… 

Your ANLP Profile is your store front for your services.  If you make it enticing and concise with interesting information about how you can help people with their challenges, you have a better chance of connecting with them thank a profile that has no images and no description. 

You may think that this is obvious and possibly even patronising…and there are still many Members who do not have a photo or description of their services on their profile page.

What is involved?

Making sure your profile gives potential clients the information they need to make an informed decision about you and your services.

In the description, tell potential clients briefly about you and spend more time describing challenges you have solved and areas you specialise in. 

For example, you could say something like this:

“Welcome to my ANLP Profile page.  I’m XXXXX and I’m an NLP Master Practitioner [Practitioner/Trainer/ANLP Accredited Trainer].  I’ve been successfully working with clients for the last NN years. 

I specialise in helping people gain confidence in a variety of situations such as public speaking or in the workplace and I can help you find strategies that work for you… I also work with people who want to give up smoking or who would like to adjust their relationship with food and nutrition. 

You can read more about these in my case studies and testimonials tabs on my profile.  You can visit my website or social media (click the links under my profile picture) for further information on my services and to learn more about how my services can positively benefit you. 

You can also email or phone me if you would prefer to chat about any areas you would like to work on.” 


The tip here is, if you say too much about you and forget the needs of potential clients, you may miss an opportunity to connect with their challenge(s) and build rapport…

How do I update my profile?

Follow the How To guide called How to Update your Profile - its 90 seconds long and in conjunction with the advice given above, gives you all the resources you need to load your photo and add/amend your profile description.

To make this even easier, we are introducing a series of questions, which when answered, will populate your profile for you - so those of you who would appreciate further guidance, will now have it!

...and also coming soon is the opportunity to add a short video to your profile, so you have another medium with which to engage with your potential clients.

Why bother completing this section of my profile?

Let’s go back to the clothes shop scenarios mentioned above…  What would you buy from an empty shop?  Imagine typing into a search engine that you want to “buy clothes” and on the results pages, there were listings that had no images or descriptions…nothing even indicating that they were online clothes outlets… would you visit those online stores or pages?

If you have an NLP-based coaching or consulting business and you want to find more clients aligned to the services you offer, it is important to let them know what you do and the areas in which you specialise.  A complete ANLP profile gives you this opportunity as well as the credibility of belonging to the independent, global professional body for NLP.