FAQs relating to ANLP

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions about ANLP, the Professional Body for NLP, which may just answer the question you have.

FAQs relating to ANLP









What makes ANLP different to other NLP organisations?

You may be wondering if and how the Association for NLP (ANLP) is different to other NLP Organisations…

We believe that what really makes us stand out from the crowd is our total independence.

So what?

This means that ANLP is the only NLP Members Organisation with an established public reputation and which does not offer its own NLP Training, Coaching or Workshops. Our independence enables us to be entirely impartial when recognising and embracing schools of NLP. Our selection and recognition process is strict and we unbiased and impartial. We have a minimum set of standards required of the schools we recognise and this gives the general public peace of mind that NLP Best Practices are being followed when your services are offered. 

All ANLP Members are required to sign up and adhere to a Code of Ethics as part of their Membership and we are the only NLP Members Organisation to have a robust Complaints Process in place. This means that in the unlikely event of a complaint, ANLP can offer objective support to both parties to reach an agreeable outcome for all involved. 

Anything Else?

As you may have discovered from finding us through Google, we have organically generated Top 10 Google Rankings.

What does “organically generated” mean? It simply means that we do not need to pay for our Google ranking. Consistent high volume of visits to the website ensures our place in the Top Ten and we are the ONLY Members Organisation to feature in the Top Ten when NLP is the search term.

This means that when people look for NLP Info, from the millions of sites that are generated from any one search, more often than not, they will come to our website...and if they are on our website, they may just be looking for someone like you to help them.

And Finally....

We are also really happy to promote the fact that we are a Community Interest Company. This means that we are officially recognised and registered as Social Enterprise, which exists purely for the benefit of the NLP and Coaching Community.

What does ANLP actually do?

ANLP supports the public by providing unbiased information and promoting the benefits of using NLP delivered by good NLP Professionals. They are then empowered to choose an NLP Professional with some knowledge and understanding about what to expect. ANLP provides further reassurance to the public by providing a network of good NLP Professionals to choose from, who have had their credentials checked, who abide by the ANLP Code of Ethics and who are covered by the ANLP Complaints Procedure.

ANLP supports the NLP Community by producing relevant and regular NLP publications and by sponsoring the International NLP Conference and annual NLP Awards, which are open to any member of the NLP Community.

ANLP supports its members by providing them with the framework, resources and tools they need to practice their NLP in a professional and responsible way, thus demonstrating to their potential clients that they are ethical NLP Professionals.

See also the specific pages What ANLP Does and What ANLP Doesn't Do

As a professional body, who are ANLP accountable to?

As a Community Interest Company (CIC), ANLP are accountable to the Community Interest Company Regulator as well as Companies House and have to complete checks annually in order to maintain their CIC status.

ANLP is also a member of Social Enterprises UK (SEUK), who provide guidance and services to Social Enterprises throughout the UK.

Why join ANLP?

We very much hope that you would want to join ANLP because you agree with our company ethos, and you value our independence, professionalism and reputation for encouraging best practice amongst NLP Professionals.

We do offer membership benefits and offer a range of membership levels to suit all NLP qualified individuals.

All our Members agree to adhere to our Code of Ethics, which gives reassurance to the public as well as providing a self-regulatory framework for those Professionals that are actually working in the field.

ANLP membership can help you to:

  • increase your credibility
  • demonstrate your professionalism
  • raise your profile
  • give you an opportunity to find and interact with like-minded individuals

Over the years, we have been lucky enough to receive many positive testimonials about the services we offer so do take a moment or two to read what other people have to say about us.

ANLP is a social enterprise (in the form of a Community Interest Company). We were winners of the Hertfordshire Business Awards 'Small Business of the Year' awarded in November 2009.

Our organisation is here to provide unbiased information for the general public and promote the benefits of NLP so that they can then contact you with some knowledge and understanding about what to expect.

Is ANLP associated with or linked to ANLP (India)?


Whilst the ANLP India website may appear to contain some similar content to the old ANLP website, ANLP has no links, connections or association with ANLP (India).

This is the old ANLP Members logo, which was in use until December 2009. There were various forms of this logo in use until December 2009 and these have now been withdrawn.

We are aware this logo has been 'modelled' by other, unrelated companies, including ANLP India. We would like to point out that any logo looking similar to this, or implying an affiliation to ANLP International CIC, is making an invalid claim.

ANLP International CIC comissioned this logo and holds the copyright.


How do I sell my products in the ANLP shop?

Unless you are publisher of NLP related books, selling your products in the ANLP shop is a benefit of ANLP Membership.

If you are a member of ANLP or a publisher and would like to sell your items in the shop, contact us for further details. We will email you the terms and conditions for selling in the shop together with a template list of information we require before your items can be added to the shop.

How do I submit a review for one of your members?

As with many other websites, you can leave review about our Members and the services they have provided to recommend them to others. There are two ways you can submit a review for a member:

  1. Ask them to send you a unique link, which will take you directly to the relevant screen on the website and allow you to quickly and easily submit a review for them.
  2. Find them via our website search facilities and then submit your review using the form where indicated. 

Your review will appear on the Members profile once it has been reviewed by an ANLP Administrator.

ANLP will not contact you or use your email address for marketing purposes - we take your details simply so we know anyone interacting with us via our website is a genuine user. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details.

I've purchased a downloadable item - where do I find it?

After you have paid for your downloadable items, My orders will appear as a link on the top right of the website, when you are logged in.

Click on that link and any downloadable items that you have purchased from the shop will be available here for you to download.

This relates to PDF purchases only - items such as Rapport, when included as part of your Membership, will be available through your Members Dashboard. 

Can I advertise on the ANLP website?

We have a very strong ethical policy regarding the promotion of NLP related courses on our website - we only promote courses offered by ANLP members. Web advertising is primarily a benefit for Members and they receive a substantial discount on web advertising costs.

Occasionally ANLP will consider taking paid advertising from a complementary service that may be of interest to visitors - this advertising is accepted at the discretion of ANLP and nothing that could conflict or compete with Members services will ever be considered.

If you have something that is relevant and you think could be of interest to our website visitors, and does not conflict with any of our Members services, then please contact us for further information.