ANLP Accreditation Programme

The ANLP Accreditation Programme is an independent and rigorous peer reviewed scheme monitored by ANLP.

ANLP Accreditation Programme

Overview of ANLP Accreditation Programme

The ANLP Accreditation Programme is an independent peer reviewed scheme monitored by ANLP. It is currently undergoing some significant changes and once they are implemented a new system for application will be introduced. Existing ANLP Accredited Trainers will be invited to participate in the new system pre-launch, so they have an opportunity to take advantage of the new system before it is released to the NLP community.

If you are interested in ANLP Accreditation, please read on…

Why join the ANLP Accreditation Programme?

Anyone who has gone through the ANLP Accreditation programme will tell you that it is a thorough and rigorous peer reviewed process (as you can see below). 

The value of having ANLP accreditation is that you can:

  • Increase confidence in your potential clients and give them additional reasons for choosing your training
  • Demonstrate your commitment to best practice by delivering externally accredited programmes
  • Generate more public trust in your services
  • Meet your clients’ requirements for quality assurance by having independent external verification for your courses

What does ANLP Accreditation involve?

All ANLP Accredited Trainers have proved themselves by going through the ANLP Accreditation application process. This includes having their course materials examined, their policies and procedures approved and an interview conducted by a member of the External Verification Panel that oversees all accreditation applications.

Trainers will only be awarded Accreditation after these checks have been made, and once they are accredited, they are reviewed annually to ensure that their courses and students continue to satisfy the standards required.

Applying for ANLP accreditation involves completing a comprehensive application form and submitting this to ANLP online, together with all the supporting documentation required. This application will be reviewed by a member of the External Verification Panel.

Once your application has been approved, you will be responsible for internally monitoring and evaluating your trainees on every course to ensure they meet your standards.

Once verified, ANLP will issue ANLP Accredited Certificates (or, in the case of co-accreditation with another awarding body, ANLP Accredited Seals). These will be uniquely numbered and allocated to each successful trainee and recorded on the ANLP central Accreditation Register.

How do I apply for ANLP Accreditation?

After deciding that you would like to become an ANLP Accredited Trainer, or run ANLP Accredited Courses, simply complete the following steps:

  • Download the ANLP Accreditation Introductory Guide and check you meet the core criteria and understand the basic application requirements
  • Contact ANLP to request the application form and full Accreditation guide materials
  • Start completing the ANLP Accreditation Programme application form and gather all the supporting documentation. Contact ANLP to let them know when you intend to submit your application, so your online submission can be set up and an External Verifier can be engaged to assess your application
  • Submit the application form to ANLP via the online platform provided, together with all your supporting documentation and your non-refundable deposit payment to cover admin and external verifier fees

Once your application has been checked for completeness, it will be internally reviewed and then passed to one of our independent external verifiers. As part of that process, you will be interviewed by the external verifier – for convenience, this interview can be conducted over the phone.

If successful, you will then become part of the ongoing ANLP Accredited Programme and pay the balance to cover your first year’s accreditation.

If unsuccessful, feedback and advice will be offered and you will be given an opportunity to resubmit your application. There is an appeals process available for any applicant who wishes to challenge the decision of the External Verification Panel.

What are the benefits of joining the ANLP Accreditation programme?

Apart from being able to demonstrate your commitment to best practice and quality assurance, and give your potential clients the confidence they need to choose your courses, your ongoing commitment to the Accreditation Programme will also give you:-

  • A market advantage when tendering for work by demonstrating quality assurance to your prospective clients
  • The ability to elevate your services by marketing your courses as being accredited by the independent professional body for NLP
  • One year’s membership of ANLP at Accredited level (ANLP Membership is included in the annual accreditation fee)
  • Use of the ANLP Accredited logo on your website and promotional materials
  • Exclusive rights to purchase the gold embossed, uniquely numbered Accredited Seals for your certificates
  • Three months free introductory membership to give as a gift to each candidate awarded an Accredited Certificate or Accredited Seal
  • Your own page on the ANLP website, in addition to your member’s profile
  • Access to exclusive Accredited Trainer groups on Social Media
  • 50% discount on Rapport advertising