ANLP Introductory Membership

ANLP Introductory Membership is a great Trainer benefit. Demonstrate your commitment to your students...and create added value for your courses at the same time.

ANLP Introductory Membership

ANLP Introductory Membership is a great benefit for our Trainer and Accredited Trainers only. Demonstrate your commitment to your students by starting them off on the right foot...and create added value for your courses at the same time.

Once students have completed their course with you, they are keen to continue their journey. So imagine how your students will feel when they qualify and you offer them a saving of up to £130 by giving them 3 months full membership of ANLP (at the membership level appropriate to the certification)!

Introductory Membership is a great way of adding value to your courses by offering guidance to students wanting to continue their NLP journey and become NLP Professionals. Why not demonstrate your professionalism by giving your students the tools they need for the best start in their NLP Career.

What is Introductory Membership?

Introductory Membership is an insight into life as an ANLP Member. It is a chance to experience what being an NLP Professional is all about.

Introductory Membership is available in 3 levels:  Associate, Professional and Trainer level depending on which is best for your students.

The ANLP Introductory membership is essentially a 3 month full membership. Both Professional and Trainer members will have their profile live on our website for others to view during their Introductory Membership.

During the 3 months, your students will receive a series of  ‘How to ...’ emails explaining how to make the most out of their ANLP Membership. We want to give your students the chance to experience life as an NLP Professional and to welcome them into the growing ANLP International community.

So how do you get Introductory Membership for your students?

It’s easy! Introductory Memberships are exclusive to ANLP Trainer and Accredited Trainer members and they are available to purchase through the online store, when you are logged in as a Trainer or Accredited Trainer member. There are 3 levels of Introductory Membership:

Associate level is for anyone with an NLP certificate. It could be a diploma, an introductory course or higher. UK based students will receive a copy of Rapport and full access to an Associate Membership profile. This is a great gift for any student wanting to continue their exploration into NLP and expand their knowledge.

Professional level is for NLP Practitioner students and above. Professional students will have access to their own profile where they can create their online presence, can access our business templates have a go at uploading case studies, and join in with our Members’ forums and other benefits. What better way for your new students to embark upon their own career as an NLP Professional.

Trainer level is for students who have just completed Trainers Training and are ready to start advertising their own courses and workshops online as well as their services as an NLP Trainer. They will appear on our Professionals and Trainers search facilities, in just the same way that our regular trainer members do.

When your course starts, purchase the required number of Introductory Memberships from the online store. As soon as you have purchased your Introductory Memberships, you can immediately download the template we have created, so you can enter your students’ details all in one place, and email them back to us, to allow us time to prepare the packs and send back to you. Ideally, we can turn these around in 7 days so the packs can be sent to you in plenty of time to present to your students with their certificate at the end of your course. UK based students will receive a welcoome pack containing a previous issue of Rapport Magazine, their member’s certificate, latest ANLP information...and more!

At the same time, we will set your students up with their ANLP profile, which they can start to use the day their pack is issued.

If you are an ANLP Accredited Trainer, Introductory Membership is included in the cost of your Accreditation Seals or Certificates.

What a great gift for all ANLP Trainer and Accredited Trainer members to give their students ... who are, of course, the NLP Professionals of tomorrow!