What has ANLP Ever Done for Us?

ANLP International CIC continues to thrive as an umbrella organisation - And as Monty Python might say “What has ANLP ever done for us?”

What has ANLP Ever Done for Us?

ANLP International CIC continues to thrive as an umbrella organisation offering impartial and independent advice and welcoming NLP Professionals from a variety of backgrounds, whilst supporting the community by being the Global Flagbearer for Professional NLP.

And what else does it do? Or, as Monty Python would say, "What has ANLP ever done for us?” (Life of Brian, Monty Python – 1979).

You may be surprised at the extent of our work for the field of NLP...

As a Community Interest Company (CIC), it is our raison d’etre to promote NLP, the NLP Community and our members by providing them with an independent Professional Body which enables them to raise the standards of their practice and professionalism.

So we do some other “stuff” as well…

The NLP International Conference – in 2016, we were asked to take over the organisation of the NLP International Conference. In 2017, we put on a re-energised and fresh event attended by nearly triple the numbers of the 2016 Conference. And as stewards of the conference, we will continue to introduce both the top and new names from the world of NLP to give the NLP community new perspectives and raise the profile of our profession.

The Annual NLP Awards – started in 2017, the Awards continues to grow with NLP Professionals being recognised for their contribution to the field and to society. The Awards are not about the trainers or the more recognisable names. The Awards are about the NLP Professionals who are making a difference out there, where it matters most – benefitting society in sectors such as Education, Business, Health and the Public Sector.

We strive for positive changes that will impact upon the field of NLP. Recent work includes setting membership standards for Professionalism in NLP, getting ANLP membership accepted as a Professional Subscription by HMRC and having NLP Practitioner confirmed as a recognised job description

We produce a range of publications for the benefit of the NLP Community –

  • Rapport which offers a quarterly update on the NLP world with news, stories, case studies, business tips, practice groups and an update to the events being put on by our members.
  • Acuity, enhancing and advancing NLP through its anthology of shared findings and learnings.
  • Current Research In NLP, a peer reviewed journal that covers the academic research being carried out globally to support NLP Professionals in their work.

We support research in NLP - we have sponsored three Research Conferences and now run research streams within the NLP International Conference. The Research Journal, Current Research in NLP was launched in the Houses of Parliament in 2009, thus raising the profile of NLP amongst MPs.

We unite the community – globally, ANLP collaborates with the other main international associations. In the UK, ANLP hosts the UK Leadership Forum meetings, attended by representatives of the main certification bodies as well as independent trainers – these collaborative meetings are held when required, with the intention of finding common ground on some challenging issues and setting a common standard that is acceptable to and adopted by all parties involved. Our Regional Ambassadors and International Ambassadors work with their local communities to raise the profile of NLP and ANLP.

We support the NLP community – as well as providing a range of platforms and groups for NLP Professionals to unite, chat and share their experiences Including our community cafes and FB live Q&A sessions), we also provide resources and support packs for Practice Groups around the UK and abroad. Our NLP Specialist Envoys are on hand to provide expert advice and media comment when required.

…and all of this is done by a small team who are dedicated to promoting great NLP delivered by our fantastic NLP Professional Members!