ANLP Community Interest Statement

ANLP is a Community Interest Company, which is a form of social enterprise. Community Interest Companies (CIC`s) are different. Their primary purpose is to provide benefits to the community, rather than to the individuals who own, run or work in them.

Rather than thinking in terms of CICs being non-profit making, they should be thought of as making profits for their community purposes.

As part of the criteria for becoming a Community Interest Company, ANLP was required to make a Community Interest statement to the CIC Regulator. This statement can be found on the public records at Companies House, and for information purposes, we reproduce that statement here.

Company Activities and How they will Benefit the Community:

To encourage and support generative collaboration rather than competition

By having an independent, impartial advisory facility which benefits both the NLP community and the general public.

To promote the benefits of NLP, coaching and development by encouraging a fair, ethical and consistent approach from Members, Trainers and Subscribers

By raising and maintaining ethical conduct and standards within the NLP, coaching and development arena

To develop and promote the website,

By having the website as a vehicle for independent and impartial information for the general public

If ANLP makes any surplus profit it will be used for:

Reinvestment into research and resources that directly benefit the community.

Specifically supporting projects, Associations, Charities, other bodies and individuals working in the field of NLP, Coaching and development.


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