Specialist Skills

Once we receive our shiny new certificates in NLP, we become aware that NLP has a huge number of applications

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Specialist Skills

Why do I need to show my specialist skills?

Once we receive our shiny new certificates in NLP (Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer and Master Trainer), we become aware that NLP has a huge number of applications to a whole host of challenges that people, teams and other industries face. We know it can be positive and powerful...

The temptation may be to feel or say “I have a solution for EVERYTHING now that I have my NLP tools!”  It's a great buzz to have and the practicalities are different...  

When you are looking for clients, perhaps you can ask yourself “What am I good at when using my NLP skills?” or "What type of clients/challenges do I seem to be attracting?" and  " Am I good at helping them with these challenges?”

It’s something to be aware of… because you may find a pattern that gives you a clue as to where you have specialist skills... and your niche for making a difference...

So, skills are important to let your potential clients see the areas in which you specialise and to help them find YOU.  A much used quote for ANLP in many of our website resources comes from Bev James: 

“Generalists seek clients, clients seek specialists”

We have developed the ANLP website so that visitors using the ANLP Member Directory search function can enter the Specialities they are looking for to get a list of those Members who may be able to help them …and when they read your profile, they can choose an NLP Professional with Specialist skills that match their needs. 

What is involved?

Choose these skills mindfully when adding them to your profile. 

Your specialist skills can be backed up with testimonials and case studies to add even more credibility to your speciality(ies).   

Be confident to state on your profile that you have skills that you absolutely specialise in… and can back it up with external validation (case studies, etc.).  This will be much better for you when someone searches the ANLP directory and specifies “Smoking” or “Stress Management” on their search criteria.  You get a client that hits your sweet spot for being the difference that makes the difference…and maybe you can add another case study and testimonial to your profile too…

Make sure you tick the ones that are obvious to you but may not be obvious to others. You may know you are a psychotherapist, you may state it in your profile... and if you don't tick that specialism on this tab, you will miss being included in the search for a psychotherapist!

How do I update my specialist skills?

Follow the How To guide called How to Update your Specialist Skills - its 80 seconds long and in conjunction with the advice given above, gives you all the resources you need to select your specialist skills from the list provided.

Why bother completing this section of my profile?

The Specialist Skills section of your Member profile demonstrates that you have expertise that potential clients require...  Add the skills that you are confident in delivering strategies for and you have an opportunity of them finding you and of you finding them!

If you have an NLP-based coaching or consulting business and you want to find more clients aligned to the services you offer, it is important to let them know what you do and the areas in which you specialise.  A complete ANLP profile gives you this opportunity as well as the credibility of belonging to the independent, global professional body for NLP.