Customer Service Statement

Our Customer Service Statement outlines how we will interact with any personnel who we deal with in the normal course of our business.

Latest Update 08 July 2021

1)    ANLP International CIC Commitment

ANLP is committed to achieving the highest levels of customer service for all their service users, including members, potential members and general enquirers, whilst creating a spirit of unity and co-operation within the NLP community.

Customer service is a top priority of ANLP. All service users will be treated promptly and respectfully without regard to age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, language proficiency, social or economic status.

2)    Purpose

This statement aims to help us provide our service users with the highest standards of service. ANLP is committed to providing exceptional member service and setting clear standards for customer care.

3)    Communication

a)    When a service user makes contact ANLP will;

  • Respond to telephone messages within three working days
  • Respond to emails within three working days

b)    When a member makes contact via email, if the answer can be found on the support page on the ANLP website which contains links to many resources designed to assist with membership queries, a personal email response may not be sent. 
c)    All phone calls and emails to ANLP will only be answered and dealt with during the working hours stated. Any contact made outside of these working hours will be dealt with the next working day.
d)    We will inform our customers of normal process time for specific requests, when they can expect completion and any unexpected delays in service.

4)    Level of Service

a)    ANLP treat all with the highest level of courtesy and request the same level of treatment in return. All customers will be spoken to with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy.
b)    ANLP reserve the right to refuse service for any verbal or written abuse given. In this instance a reply will not be given, and any contact will be terminated.
c)    The ANLP team take responsibility for providing the best customer service possible. They are empowered to make decisions that will ensure the best experience for each member whilst balancing the needs of the individual with the overall needs of service users and in line with the ethos of NLP teachings.

5)    Complaints

Any complaints from members about the service provided from ANLP or about ANLP policies will be dealt with using the ANLP complaints policy

6)    Responsibilities

a)    The ANLP team are responsible for reviewing and approving the content and implementation of this policy.
b)    The CEO of ANLP as the head of the company is responsible for taking measures to assist the team to ensure they act in compliance with this policy.
c)    In line with the teachings of NLP all members will be encouraged to take self-responsibility for their actions and behaviour. 
d)    The ANLP team and members of ANLP are required to comply with the policy requirements and share the responsibility for the performance in implementing it.

7)    Implementation

a)    Compliance with this policy is monitored as part of ANLP’s management system.
b)    This will be regularly reviewed and performance will be monitored to help us improve the services ANLP provide.