NLP Practice Groups

A Practice Froup is a relaxed 'get together' for local NLP Professionals and can be a great way of meeting others in the NLP Community.

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NLP Practice Groups

What is a Practice Group?

A Practice Group is a relaxed 'get together' for local NLP Professionals. Most are held on a regular basis, and they can be a great way of meeting others in the NLP Community. Practice Groups are held in many different locations and usually welcome anyone with an interest in NLP. Practice Groups are listed on our website.

What is the Purpose of a Practice Group?

The idea of Practice Groups is so that like-minded individuals with a passion in NLP whether for personal development or as a profession, can get together and share their ideas, models and experiences. It's a chance for you to meet other NLP Professionals in your local area in a comfortable and informal setting. There sometimes may be well known NLP speakers or you may have the opportunity to host a Practice Group if you have a topic that you feel would be beneficial to others.

To find your local Practice Group, please click here.

If there is no Practice Group currently running in your area, and you would like to set one up, do please contact us. We have an existing format that you can model, and we would be happy to share this with you. We can also put you in touch with other proactive Groups so you can model their success.

ANLP actively encourage all NLP Professionals to continually practice, evolve and improve their NLP skills. Practice Groups are a perfect environment to do this and promote and aid quality provision of NLP.

Advertise your Practice Group on the ANLP website

If you are a Professional, Trainer or Accredited Trainer Member of ANLP already, you can advertise your Practice Group on our website.

We are happy to send you promotional material to hand out at your Group Sessions and we can also provide you with copies of Rapport Magazine, all FREE of charge!

You can also promote your Practice Group on the ANLP website AND in Rapport Magazine to raise its profile even more.

To get your Practice Group registered on the website, simply download the word document template, complete this and email it back to us.