ANLP Values

Our company values revolve around our independence, our professionalism and our commitment to encouraging best practice in the field of NLP.

ANLP Values

Over the years, as an organisation, we have done quite a bit of work on identifying our EPIC company values and these are important to us. We aim to ensure that our company values are reflected in our services, products and support and we are proud to list them here and on our Members Logos:


Within our organisation we have clear boundaries and recognise that we have a responsibility to both the NLP Community and the public. By providing a self regulatory framework for our members, we are to serve both them and the public.


As an organisation we pride ourselves in delivering quality services that add value to both our members and the general public. As a result, our members are able to offer best practice when delivering their services to their clients. The public can also be assured that ANLP members have a self regulated structure within which to practice professionally.


Integrity is all about demonstrating authenticity with action, in other words, walking the talk. We always do our best to abide by the Presuppositions of NLP and our members do the same.

Independent & Informed

Because we are a Community Interest Company with no links to or ties with any particular NLP training organisation, we are able to offer unbiased and independent advice to anyone making enquiries about NLP.

We often act as a bridge between the NLP Professionals and the public, and as such, we offer a unique and balanced perspective of the field. The depth of our membership gives us to access a wealth of expertise and information and we are often called upon to advise and assist with media enquiries.


As the independent, global professional body for NLP we have established a reputation for being a credible and trustworthy organisation of high integrity. We can add to the credibility of our members because they belong to the independent professional association, abide by our Code of Ethics and are governed by our independent complaints procedure.