Core Requirements

There are some core requirements that all potential members of ANLP have to meet in order to join.

ANLP provides a self regulatory framework for NLP Professionals and as part of that, ensures that minimum standards are applied to all those who apply to ANLP for membership. These minimum membership standards are as follows:

Minimum Live 'Face to Face' Training Hours

To join ANLP as a Professional member or above, live face to face training is required and when this training is virtual, it must meet the ANLP virtual training criteria - NLP Professionals are working with clients and as such, it is important that members do have experience of training and working with real people. NLP is, by its very nature, an experiential subject - whilst online video courses may be a great introduction to NLP, they do not replace the experience of learning and practicing skills with real people and live training observations. After all, would you trust your life to a driver who has only ever passed their online theory test, without ever actually driving a car for real!

ANLP Membership Terms and Conditions (section 2.1.6) state that:

Due to the current trend towards offering extremely short courses and distance learning qualifications, ANLP Membership at Professional level or above will only be awarded to those who have qualified on a course requiring at least

  • 50 attendance hours at Practitioner level,
  • 80 hours for Master Practitioner level and a further
  • 90 hours at Trainer level.


All training certificates presented as part of membership criteria must have been awarded by a bona fide Trainer or Master Trainer of NLP (section 2.1.7).

As NLP is an unregulated profession, there are a number of 'NLP Master Trainers' who have obtained their 'title' without going through the rigorous processes agreed by the main certification bodies, to ensure that all training standards are maintained.

If you wish to practice NLP as a Professional and belong to ANLP, please do your due diligence before investing money in your training, to ensure you are obtaining certification from a bona fide Trainer (for Practitioner or Master Practitioner training) or Master Trainer (for Trainer's Training), which will be recognised by ANLP. If you are in any doubt, please check with ANLP before investing in your training.

Check here to view the current Master Trainers List

This list is not exhaustive and all Training Certificates are checked by ANLP. 

ANLP Membership Terms and Conditions

Your attention is drawn to the Membership Terms and Conditions, which clearly set out various expectations that all ANLP Members are expected to adhere to as part of their Professionalism.

These include:

  • ANLP Code of Ethics (section 1.1)
  • Use of Members Logos (section 1.2)
  • Complaints Procedure (section (1.4)
  • Disclosure requirements (section 2.1.3)
  • Membership Downgrade (section 2.1.5)