FAQs for ANLP Members

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions relating to your membership of ANLP

FAQs for ANLP Members















What do ANLP do with my membership fees?

It is important we use our resources in a 'smart' way, offering as much information as we can in a form you can access quickly and put to use immediately.

We do this by producing a monthly newsletter, which is designed to keep you informed, give you tips and remind you of membership benefits.

This is supplemented by our website, Rapport and our other publications. All are aimed at keeping you up to date with more general NLP as well as specific ANLP related information and guidance.

So where does your membership fee go?

It all goes on providing an infrastructure to serve and support members and is broken down as follows:

  • Membership support services  37%
  • Rapport production 21%
  • Finance Costs (Monthly processing charges, credit card fees & taxes)  18%
  • Admin & IT (post, stationery, website, phones) 16%
  • Marketing & Promotion (brochures, newsletters, events) 8%

'Membership support services' includes managing your renewals, handling all emails and phone calls, dealing with public enquiries about NLP & ANLP members, all ANLP admin functions including accounts, handling complaints and providing dispute resolution...and developing new services and projects to benefit members. This year, these projects include responding to members survey feedback, particularly developing more local networks and maintaining/improving the website. 

So you can see, with only 37% of your annual fee going on a whole raft of membership services, much as we would like to give you our one to one attention at all times, just as you are able to do with your clients, it is not always possible.

We have a phone answering service so you can always speak to a person rather than a machine and we do respond to emails and phone calls as soon as we can, whilst balancing this alongside the other services we provide for you.

At all times our intention is to do the most we can using the leanest resource we can. With your help, we can continue to do that. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for playing your part in enabling us to provide the best service we can for the membership fee you pay. 

How to get a Positive Review about my services added to my profile?

There are two ways your clients and students can submit a positive review for you via the website:

1. From your dashboard, you can send them a specific invitation to review your services - this wil give them a link that they can follow, so they can submit a review via the website, quickly and easily, with minimum effort and hassle on their part.

2. They can submit a review via your public profile, by searching for you on the public search facilities and then submitting their client review via the website, without any direct request from you.

All reviews are submitted to ANLP for review, before they are approved, at which point they will be visible on your profile.

Your reviews do need to be submitted by a 'third party' rather than by you, so that visitors to your profile can see you have endorsements from genuine clients, which carry more weight with potential clients.

Do check the Members How to Guide for video guidance on this topic.

How do I add/edit my Course/Workshop in the Diary?

You need to be logged in to the website so you can access the Courses/Workshops facility from your dashboard.

When you are logged in, click on the Courses/Workshops icon which is clearly visible on your members dashboard. 

There is a '+ Create Course/Workshop' button on this page. Remember to choose the type of event you are running so it appears in the filtered searches.

Any existing courses/workshop will also be listed in this section so your potential clients can see up and coming events you are running.

Please note: If you are uploading details of a modular course, simply enter the dates of the first module as the start and end date, rather than the start date of the first module and the end date of the final module. Then put all the module dates within the course description. You will find more people express an interest in a course, if they realise it is not a 6 month full time course!

How do I advertise on the ANLP website?


Web advertising is primarily a benefit for Members.  Occasionally ANLP will consider taking paid advertising from a complementary service that may be of interest to visitors - this advertising is accepted at the discretion of ANLP and nothing that could conflict or compete with Members service will ever be considered.

How do I change my password?

Once you have logged into the website, select my dashboard (top right), and choose the section 'Account'. For security purposes, you will need your current password in order to change it a new password. Please note that passwords are case sensitive and need to be at least 8 characters long.

Once you have entered your new required password, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'update account'. Next time you log on, your new password will be active. Do check the Members How to Guide for video guidance on this topic.

How do I comply with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) regulations?

In conjunction with the Copy Advice Service, we have produced a page of guidelines for ANLP members, which can be accessed via your dashboard on via the Resources menu on the website - this is a locked page for Members only so ensure you are logged in to access the details.

ANLP cannot engage in any specific advice on copy – this can be gained through contacting the copy advice team via www.copyadvice.org.uk  or by phoning them on 020 7492 2100.  Before submitting copy, you should ensure that these guidelines are taken into account. 

What do I do about GDPR Legislation?

The mutually agreed General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on May 25, 2018, and was designed to modernise laws that protect the personal information of individuals. GDPR alters how businesses and public sector organisations can handle the information of their customers. It also boosts the rights of individuals and gives them more control over their information. The legislation is designed to "harmonise" data privacy laws across Europe as well as give greater protection and rights to individuals. Within the GDPR, there are large changes for the public as well as businesses and bodies that handle personal information.

ANLP have prepared a series of policy templates for members that can be accessed via your Dashboard when you are logged in ot the website. ANLP cannot advise you as to the GDPR and Privacy Policy statements that are necessary for your business or circumstances. As well as accessing the policy template and amending this so it is relevant o your buinsess, we strongly advise you to read the following information (links below) pertaining to GDPR and to consult with appropriately qualified professionals with a view to procuring a Privacy and GDPR Policy that is specific to your website and your business:

UK Government website 

Information Commissioners Office website

European Union GDPR Website

How do I get my Case Study included in ‘How NLP can Help’ section?


You need to be logged into the website as a Member so you can access the Case Study facility from your dashboard.

When you are logged in, go to your dashboard and click on the Case Studies icon.

There will be an icon inviting you + Create Case Study. Your case studies can now be entered using the template format, which prompts you to answer questions so your case study is well structured and informative.

Any existing case studies will also be listed in this section so your potential clients can read about your success stories and see how proactive you are within the community.

Do check the Members How to Guide for video guidance on this topic.

How do I log in to the ANLP website?

All areas that are members only are highlighted with padlocks, implying you can only access these when logged in. Some areas are only accessible by certain membership levels.

To log in to the website, please select the blue LOGIN icon on the top right of the site. Once logged in, you can access your dashboard, manage your account and all elements of your profile, as well as access members only resources.


How do I update my profile or change my contact details?

How to Update Your Profile Video and Downloadable PDF Guides

You need to be logged in to the website to manage your account and to update your profile.

Once you are logged in, go to your dashboard (top right) and select the Profile section.

Once you are in this area, you will find many tabs containing different information that you are able to update.

To change any of your contact details, including your address, please select the 'Your details' tab.

Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click save when you have updated your information!

I’ve purchased a downloadable item from the shop - how do I get my download?

After you have paid for your downloadable items (which includes the Membership CSV files after purchasing accreditations seals or Introductory Memberships), you can access all orders via 'My Orders, which appears at the top right in the same area as the link to your dashboard.

Click on this link and your order history will appear on the screen.

Any order which has a downloadable element, will have a 'Download' link. Click this link to download your order.

My picture won’t upload onto my profile - why?

It is likely that your picture is too big in size for the website server to handle.

Please upload a smaller picture. If you are keen to use a particular photo and want to resize it, there are many free resizing software programmes available to download from the internet (do a web search for image resizing software).

Some Generic software programmes, such as Microsoft, provide image resizing software within their programmes.

Every picture resizer is different, and will react differently depending on your own operating system - we are unable to advise on specific resizing challenges, as we are not IT experts and we would hate to mess something up on your computer!!

If your photo has uploaded, but you can't see it, then please refresh your screen or close and then re-open your profile. Sometimes computers will hold onto previous versions of a web page until you actually close or refresh the screen.

What are my Membership Benefits?

There are many benefits of ANLP membership which you can check in this section.

ANLP is the Independent Professional Body that promotes the ethical and professional application of NLP and allows qualifying members to use appropriate logos to demonstrate that they are current members. Being a member of ANLP gives you and/or your business credibility and completing your profile on this website allows members of the public to search and view your skills and specialities. 

We also offer business-related benefits such as discounts on insurance, hotels and room hire.

Where do I get my discounted insurance?

ANLP members can get discounted insurance as long as they remain a member of ANLP.

For further information and to obtain your quote follow the instructions and link containined in the Discounts page, which is accessible via your dashboard. Please note, you must be logged in as a member to see this information.

More details about our insurance partnership can be found on this page.

ANLP staff are not allowed to answer questions relating to insurance, because ANLP is not regulated by the FCA.

How do I get Support with using my Members Dashboard?

We have produced a number of how to guides in both video and PDF formats.

These are available in the Knowledge Base section of the website and can be accessed here.