NLP and Research

NLP has widely accepted business models, yet for NLP to have the same credibility as other, more widely recognised 'alternative psychology methods', research is key.

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NLP and Research

Although NLP has widely accepted business models, within clinical and therapeutic settings, for NLP to have the same credibility as other, more widely recognised ‘alternative psychology methods’, research plays a fundamental part.

There is research happening in the field of NLP and we have been proud to partner with various Universities to host the International NLP Research Conference. More recently, an NLP Research stream has been run at the NLP International Conference.

ANLP are working with Hertfordshire University to develop methods for collecting and collating narrative evidence to demonstrate where NLP is making an impact in people's lives.

ANLP also publishes the only peer reviewed Research Journal in NLP, which are available in both PDF and printed format.

Internationally renowned speaker, Charles Faulkner, writes:

The Revolution Started Without Me…and I’m Glad

Ah to be at the beginning of something. The newness, the excitement, the feeling that anything is possible. This is a feeling that often occurs in those coming to NLP. It’s so amazing … if only they had found it sooner.

This misses the incredible opportunities right now. The field of NLP is ripe for a great revision - where the initial leap of insights becomes a fully fleshed out field. When old and outdated explanations are cast off, and new, more inclusive and complete understandings are embraced. When whole new types of techniques and areas of applications are being discovered.

The NLP Research Conference and affiliated activities are dedicated to making the insights of a few the resources of the many. Aligning with like minded others, embracing the challenges of our time, we seek to make our world anew. There is much to do. Join us.