ANLP Vision

Within society, to have NLP recognised and accepted as a valued tool for personal and business development.
Within the NLP Community, to maintain our reputation as the independent and impartial voice of NLP, and create a spirit of unity and co-operation within the NLP Community, whilst abiding by the philosophy and presuppositions of NLP.
To achieve this we have three main aims:
1. To develop internationally recognised Accreditation Programmes and nationally recognised qualifications in NLP.
2. To encourage NLP related research.
3. To increase membership of ANLP, both nationally and internationally, so we have the financial resources to fund NLP qualifications and research.
Single Daffodil

After all, which has the greater impact?


...A single, unique and beautiful daffodil:

...or a whole field of daffodils, each one an individual, and yet together they make a huge impact.
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