Whether you are a beginner or an olympic champion, knowledge of NLP can help you excel to new levels of personal excellence. Using NLP to establish clear, achievable goals will create focus and motivation.

Modelling programmes can also be created to see what does and doesn't get the results you desire so that you become aware of what consistently produces success.

NLP teaches you how to control and positively utilise the energy of pre-event nerves and anxiety and enables you to achieve your real potential when it matters.

It can also eliminate any pre-existing limiting beliefs that you may have about your abilities, which may be stopping you from taking your sporting prowess to the next level.

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evidence that supports the effectiveness of NLP in primary and secondary school classrooms
Authors: Carey, J.; Jones, J; Hutchinson, G; Churches, R; Tosey, P; West-Burnham, J
Date Published: 2011

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