Our aims, as the only independent and impartial organisation within the NLP community, are to:

1. Continue as the umbrella organisation for NLP that is impartial, independent, fair and unbiased, and respectful.


2. Promote and protect the reputation of NLP by:

  • Encouraging an ethos of Professionalism and self-responsibility within the NLP community
  • Continuing to provide reassurance and a safety net for the public
  • Providing a self-regulatory framework for Members and continuing to grow and develop an already established public profile and reputation for promoting standards, professionalism and good practice in NLP
  • Promoting the positive power and flexibility of NLP
  • Being the leading promoter of NLP Practitioners and Trainers, having an impact on all sectors of society.

3. Nurture and encourage individuals to be the best they can by:

  • Developing Community spirit through forums, peer support, events
  • Developing more resources
  • Providing a safe environment in which new and established practitioners alike can explore theories and techniques, communicate with like-minded people, and find business support to promote their work.
  • Listening to our members, whose feedback is usually 100% positive. However, if there is any other feedback to act quickly and professionally to ensure that we continue to deliver the best possible service.


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