Why Choose a Member of ANLP?

It is essential that you pick the right person for your personal or professional development. So, what does the 'right person' mean?

Why Choose a Member of ANLP?

When choosing an NLP professional or trainer for your personal or professional development, it is essential that you pick the right person for you.

So, what does the ‘right person’ mean?

This means that they meet requirements you have identified…that they have the appropriate knowledge, certifications and skill sets you want, that they are trustworthy, are committed to delivering the highest quality NLP and to act in an accountable, ethical and responsible way.

And, there are lots of NLP professionals and trainers who can deliver this service to you. However, because NLP isn’t regulated and it can sometimes be a challenge to identify who does and doesn’t meet these criteria.

So, why choose an ANLP Member?

All ANLP members have to go through certain minimum processes to become a member:

Qualifications: All member’s qualifications and certificates have been checked and verified by ANLP staff.

References: All members provide external references from either previous clients or supervisors to validate previous work that they have done.

Code of Ethics: All members sign up to and adhere to our Code of Ethics, which state that they will practice NLP in a responsible, ethical and congruent way.

Complaints Procedure: All members are accountable via the ANLP independent Complaints Procedure, in the unlikely event that an issue should arise.

Please note: if you engage the services of an NLP Practitioner who is not a member of ANLP, we will not be able to assist you if you wish to raise a complaint at any time.

In other words, we do some of your due diligence for you!

By having these strict processes in place, we are confident that we can promote ANLP members as responsible people who will deliver a professional service. In addition to these minimum requirements adhered to by all ANLP members, they can choose to apply for their Professional Standards Certificate at Bronze, Silver or Gold level. 

The additional elements of professional practice that can be undertaken by an ANLP member as part of their Professional Standards, include:

  • Holding Professional Insurance
  • Undertaking regular CPD
  • Delivering a certain number of client hours
  • Peer mentoring or practice group attendance
  • Supervision