Why Choose a Member of ANLP?

When choosing an NLP Professional or Trainer it is essential that you pick the right person for you. What does the 'right person' mean?

This means that they meet your requirements, have the appropriate knowledge, qualifications and skill set, are trustworthy, are committed to delivering quality NLP, and act in an accountable, ethical and responsible way.

And, there are lots of NLP Professionals and Trainers who can deliver this service to you. However, because NLP isn't regulated it can be a challenge to identify who does and doesn't meet these criteria.

So, why choose an ANLP Member?

All ANLP Members have to go through certain processes to become a Member, which encourage best practice, accountability and responsibility.

Qualifications: All Member's qualifications and certificates have been checked and verified by ANLP staff

References: All Members provide external references from either previous clients or supervisors to validate previous work that they have done

Code of Ethics: All Members sign up to and adhere to our Code of Ethics, which state that they will practice NLP in a responsible, ethical and congruent way.

Complaints Procedure: All Members can be taken through our external Complaints Process should an issue arise. Please note: if you see an NLP Professional and they are not a Member of ANLP, and you wish to make a complaint against them, ANLP will not be able to help you as they have not signed up to our Code of Ethics and are not accountable.

By having these checks and structures in place, we are confident that we can promote ANLP Members as responsible Professionals who are willing to take their profession to the next level.

ANLP Members display the ANLP Members logo, so, when looking for an NLP Professional or Trainer, always look for the ANLP Members Logo!

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