NLP Certification Bodies

NLP is currently an unregulated profession, so we highlight the recognised certification organisations to help you to identify legitimate training providers.

NLP is currently an unregulated profession, so ANLP exists as an independent membership organisation, in order to provide NLP Professionals with a standards framework through which they can self-regulate by honouring the Code of Ethics, Complaints Procedure and Membership Criteria.

There are a number of NLP certifying organisations through whom NLP trainers can award their certificates. These certifying bodies often act as membership organisations too - they are linked with specific training providers, to which Practitioners may belong depending on where they originally trained.

We have invited each of these certifying organisations to submit their own profile, so that you can better understand the role they play within NLP. You can see from our Members profiles which organisations they belong to, or are recognised by, as well as being ANLP Members.

Other Certifying Bodies

ABNLP - American Board of NLP

INLPTA - International NLP Trainers Association

ITA - International Trainers Academy

SNLP - Society of NLP

Professional Guild (closed in 2017)