NLP Press

A collaborative partnership and publishing imprint has been set up between Publishing Director Caroline Peden Smith and ANLP

NLP Press

A collaborative partnership and publishing imprint, The NLP Press, has been set up by Caroline Peden Smith (nee Lenton, formerly the Publishing Director of Crown House Publishing and The Anglo American Book Company) and Karen Falconer, CEO of ANLP.

Karen and Caroline set up the NLP Press to provide authors an opportunity to have their NLP-related books published and presented to a worldwide audience for both print and ebook formats. We welcome established authors and new authors from the NLP community to submit their ideas.

If your book is NLP-related and non-fiction we would welcome you to submit your book proposal using the author questionnaire

We accept submissions made by agents or authors directly.

Before submitting a book proposal here are some tips to help.

Know your reason for writing your book.

It could be:

  • to build my credibility
  • to grow my network
  • to share my knowledge and ideas
  • to help support my business or industry
  • or to fulfil the needs of others

Decide what book will be most suited to your needs.

Make a list. Let the ideas flow:

  • What areas do I want to be seen as being credible in?
  • What am I most knowledgeable about?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What are people coming to me for advice on?
  • Is there a topic that I like to talk about often?

Consider your reader.

Think from your reader’s perspective:         

  • What would my reader be most interested in?
  • What would my reader most like to learn?
  • What are my reader’s biggest problems?
  • What’s the big question my readers are asking?

Know your competitors.

Do your research:

  • Who else has written a similar book?
  • What makes my book different or unique?
  • Do I have original research or content?
  • How will I make my book stand out?

When you are ready you can submit your book proposal using the author questionnaire

We will contact you with feedback and guidance before you start writing your sample chapter. Or, if you are ready to make a start on your outline and first chapter, keep going! 

Here are some tips for your outline and writing your sample chapter:

  • Your book outline is your plan and it is up to you how much planning you want to do
  • You may want to start with writing a single chapter
  • It can help to start with writing a chapter on the topic that you know the most about

Remember that what you’re writing doesn’t need to be perfect straight away - you’re writing a first draft. It is a work-in-progress and your aim is to focus on getting the words on the page. Finish the entire chapter before reworking and editing.

If you are a speaker it may help to speak your chapter first using a recording device or app.

When you have an outline and a first sample chapter you can submit this with the author questionnaire