Collaboration Principle for Promoting NLP

Recognition for NLP can only be achieved when the NLP community are ready to stand up and stand together as NLP Professionals

Collaboration Principle for Promoting NLP

There are plenty of sources out there that are willing to discredit NLP, even though we know that NLP can have a long lasting, positive impact on so many people. This just highlights the importance of raising public awareness about the positive impact that NLP can have when delivered by NLP Professionals.

As the Association for NLP, we believe in the positive power of NLP, as delivered by our members.

Like many regulated and unregulated industries, we acknowledge there are those who choose to practice less responsibly than others, which will affect the reputation of any profession.  

It is our responsibility, as the Global, Independent, Professional Association for NLP, to encourage best practice within our profession and also raise awareness of the great work undertaken by our members, so that the reputation of NLP grows and the word spreads.

Recognition for NLP is being achieved by the NLP community standing up and standing together as NLP Professionals. Individually, our members stand brilliantly in their field of expertise and when standing together as NLP professionals, they make a recognisable and noticeable impact on society.

Through our community collaboration, NLP is becoming a recognised solution to many of the challenges facing people today and together, we make a difference.

Aristotle is often quoted as saying:

the whole is greater than the sum of the parts...

(Aristotle, BC 350, Metaphysics Book 8)

Kurt Koffka said:

the whole is something else than the sum of its parts...

(Koffka 1935, Principles of Gestalt Psychology, p. 176)

Either is better!  Together the ANLP community is both greater than the sum of it's parts AND something else than the sum of it's parts. 

We know there are sub-communities and groups who act together intentionally to make a positive difference.  That is the "something else"...  The combination of these groups, when focusing on a common cause and a common strategy or outcome may be viewed as the "greater than..." piece.

ANLP supports the belief that together, we make an even stronger impact than when we stand alone or even in small groups.  Only then will NLP get the recognition it deserves as one of the most effective solutions to many of the challenges experienced by individuals and organisations today.