Accrediting Organisations

In addition to the main certifying bodies for NLP, there are a number of organisations who accredit both NLP Professionals and NLP training courses.

Accrediting Organisations


NLP is currently an unregulated profession, so ANLP exists as an independent organisation, in order to provide NLP Professionals with a standards framework through which they can self-regulate by honouring the Code of Ethics, Complaints Procedure and Membership Criteria.

There are two accreditation organisations who have a rigorous process for accrediting NLP Professionals in Psychotherapy and Counselling industry.

  • NLPtCA
  • UKCP

There are a number of accreditation bodies who cover NLP as part of their wider remit in the qualifications sector. We have included a couple of examples in this section of the website:

  • AIP
  • ILM

In response to members requests, ANLP also acts as an independent accreditation organisation for trainers who are not affiliated with any specific training organisation or certifying body.