ANLP Leadership Model

We aim to represent the NLP Community and empower the public to choose NLP by promoting good practice.

ANLP Leadership Model

ANLP was originally set up in the 1980’s by the members for the members and it was successful for many years. Due to a number of different reasons, the model became unsustainable, and the Association faced bankruptcy.

The Association approached Karen in 2005 and invited her to take on the company because of her business experience and passion for NLP.

After several years of business challenges and finding ways to re-establish the credibility of the Association and ensure inclusivity of all reputable members, trainers and boards, ANLP has become the global, independent body that represents the highest standards in NLP practice.  

The reason we are successful today is because we still hold the same high level intention the association had in the 80s – to represent the NLP Community and empower the public to choose NLP by promoting good practice.

The ANLP Leadership Model is based around active listening and proaction.  We do this well because we:

  • invite feedback from our members and act in service to and in support of them.
  • remain unbiased and serve the whole NLP Community because we are independent of any training organisation and receive no funding or financial support from any training school.
  • create cohesion within the community by holding the space for all members to be heard.

We have a collaborative Leadership Model based upon service and support...there is no ‘self appointed leader ruling the community’, hence our upside down triangle of support. We recognise that NLP Professionals are very capable of making their own decisions about what is best for their business and we provide a well formed, self-regulating framework to support them in doing this.

We achieve our outcomes because we hold the space for the NLP Community as well as the members of ANLP. We create the right balance by providing structures and support mechanisms that are loose enough to empower members in their own right and tight enough to provide frameworks that the members can utilise in their own business…and all of this is done within a collaborative framework. We have no attachment to the outcome of any project, as long as it achieves our high level intentions of encouraging ethical and best practice in NLP.