ANLP and the Association for Project Management’s (APM) Specific Interest Group for the People Aspects of projects (PSIG).

The ANLP and Association for Project Management (PSIG) Collaboration on NLP in Project Management and Project Teams

ANLP and the Association for Project Management’s (APM) Specific Interest Group for the People Aspects of projects (PSIG).

Well Formed Outcomes

7th September 2023


Over 500 people atttended the session and you can see the recording here:

The project environment is all about creating change from something to something else. There is always an expected outcome or outcomes. Sometimes these are defined at the start and sometimes they can change in a more agile way during a project’s lifetime. What is important is that outcomes are considered in a structured and sustainable way. 

In discussion with two experts in their fields (healthcare delivery and major rail infrastructure) this webinar will explore how to make project outcomes more effective and ‘ecological’ in the sense of not threatening other aspects of the project or organisation by setting targets that cannot be delivered without major disruption. 

The panel was made up of Tim Lyons (APM PSIG and ANLP), ANLP Member Michael Dunlop and Kim Kapur, HS2 Stations Client Director.


Unlocking Project Communication Using The Power Of Language - Update

13th April 2023


The event had over 700 registrations (the second largest in APM SIG history) and over 500 attended the event live...  You can see the presentation here:

When communicating, we automatically delete, distort and generalise, but usually don’t know we’re doing it. In this panel webinar on Thursday 13 April, we discovered how to challenge and use this in project communication.

The project environment relies very heavily on communication.  There are many standard formats used, and a few channels to consider. It is worth examining how aspects of the NLP Communications Model are being used, deliberately or unconsciously; also it is worth considering how deletions, distortions and generalisations can be challenged, in the interests of better communication and decision making.

The Panel was made up of Tim Lyons (APM PSIG and ANLP) and ANLP Members Dianne Lowther, Jeremy Lazarus and Paul McGowran.


Using Logical Levels to Optimise Team Performance

20th September 2022


Projects predominantly rely on teams, and those teams typically sit within departments, organisations, companies; these teams consist of individuals who often have trained capabilities in specific technical areas – such as risk analysis, contract management, critical path analysis, planning and delivery of technical products and services; project teams often work as a unit, and their behaviours are usually focussed on delivering outcomes; they do this within defined environments, locations, software systems, client-hosted organisations etc.

Whether they know it or not, many of these dimensions fall neatly into what we have come to know as the neurological levels, as developed by Gregory Bateson and Robert Dilts. This webinar presented on Tuesday 20 September was an opportunity to align and integrate this model with the APM’s normal approach to governance.

This webinar explored:

  • Understanding of how the neurological levels works at the level of the individual;
  • How that can be applied and built in at team level;
  • How the five or six-level model can be mapped to how the team operates;
  • How to use chunking up or down, to get better results (and crucially to avoid waste and delay);
  • Building this thinking into other parts of an organisation (particularly at identity level

The Panel was made up of Tim Lyons (APM PSIG and ANLP) and ANLP Members Fiona Campbell, Jeremy Lazarus and Robbie Steinhouse.


Presenting to these large, interested audiences, many of whom are ‘new’ to NLP, is of huge benefit to our field.  At ANLP, as the Global Flagbearers of Professional NLP, we are doing our utmost to raise awareness of the positive impact of NLP in new markets and industry sectors.

Congratulations to Tim, the ANLP panel members and to the APM SIG organisational team for these fantastic webinars.  We look forward to the next one!


If you’re interested in being part of a panel and would like to participate in future sessions of this type, please read the Monthly Member Updates where we promote these opportunities!