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life coaching & NLP
I recently gained a Personal Performance Diploma Merit grade from The Coaching Academy and qualified as an NLP Practitioner. I would like to offer free support to young people, young parents or anyone who is feeling lonely or isolated and unsure about their future, or is feeling anxious about reconnecting with others after the pandemic. I can offer 6 sessions of Life Coaching and am able to use NLP tools or exercises if I feel it would be beneficial to them and only with my clients permission.
Rebecca Lascelles
07808 545918

Coaching and Mentoring
1-3 30 minute complimentary coaching for people to self care and prevent burn-out and overwhelm at work / home; to help refresh the outlook of career and life; to support people at cross roads

NLP and Life Coaching Services
I currently run Stress & Anxiety Coping Strategy Programmes for corporates who are supporting staff in the workplace. These comprise of 6 x 1 hour sessions to remove worries, improve sleep, build good mental health resilience and set goals. I would be happy to offer two of these sessions to support individuals who are doing amazing work in the fight against covid.
Laura Kingdon

I offer complimentary online personal coaching specializing in promoting good mental and emotional wellbeing and setting goals for well formed outcomes.

Life Coaching (Free of Charge)
Coaching: I support individuals who would like to grow their self-confidence, deal with change and increase their resilience. I am offering free coaching packages (3 months, fortnightly sessions) to up to 4 individuals who have been directly or indirectly adversely impacted by Covid-19.

I would like to offer free 121 Coaching for front line staff during these stressful times. Anyone struggling with stress, feeling stuck, experiencing self-limiting beliefs, negative emotions, lacking of confidence, feeling overwhelmed or just looking for someone to talk to.

Coaching session
Two complementary 60-90 minute coaching and NLP sessions, via zoom, for 5 NHS workers to address work / life issues. My specialty is helping people in their 40s and 50s flourish, so if you could do with some of that please visit my website for more info.

Life Coaching & Mentoring
Hello, Just a brief offer of support to all keyworkers out there doing a fantastic job. I am offering complimentary coaching and support, whether it be life coaching, mentoring or just even a conversation. Please feel free to get in touch. Tony.

Life Coaching Services - FREE
I am offering a Life Coaching services with guaranteed results for many years from now. Now I am extending this services for those who are in needs absolutely FREE. I will take maximum 3 session per week as a first cum first service basis. My key expertise areas are like anxiety, depression or any other chronic mental or health issues that holding people back from living a healthy fulfilling life.

Coaching support sessions - NLP, Heart Math, Positive Intelligence
Complimentary coaching support sessions. Duration and number of sessions can be discussed, but normally 45-60 mins for up to 6 sessions. Offering support if you are struggling, feeling exhausted, feeling angry or out of control and finding it hard to make sense of things and just need to rant or offload and talk things through in a safe space. If you are soul-weary and finding yourself feeling low, irritable, tearful and exhausted and need an encounter with peace and encouragement.

Free Coaching Sessions
I offer coaching support to help people grow and develop and thrive in all areas of their lives . Particularly in these challenging times I can help you to recognise and deal with stress , how to become more resilient , how to cope with difficult and challenging situations and identify ways to look at self care and much more . I am offering free coaching sessions for all frontline workers and also people who feel this would benefit them at this time

Pro Bono Generative Coaching Intervention to foster change and become more resilient - 3 individual sessions of 60 minutes each plus a 30-minute follow-up
Are you experiencing distress? Are you currently struggling or feeling lost and stuck in your personal or professional life? Due to Covid-19 we are all facing an unprecedented challenging situation and in order to bring some relief to our community and help people switching from their problems to the solutions, I have decided to offer a fast and effective coaching intervention pro bono. A three-session intervention to make your mindset shift, help you create new opportunities and maximise your resources in order to better cope with your current challenges. Feel free to contact me via message for more information.

A free one hour online consultation
I would like to offer a free one hour NLP session to a frontline worker (preferably a woman), who is maybe feeling overwhelmed and would like to feel calmer. I can offer a maximum of two of these sessions to two different people each week. The client needs to have access to Zoom or WhatsApp, and be able to have somewhere quiet where they can talk without being interrupted. I will provide some techniques to help them feel calmer plus a couple of tools for them to take away with them.

Free 1:1 or group coaching for mums
It would be a privilege to provide free coaching for mums who are struggling at the moment. This may be for specific challenges you are facing, struggles with parenting, or more generally focused on stress, anxiety and maintaining resilience during these uncertain times. I am able to work with you either individually or as a group.

Free 1:1 Coaching and NLP Support for Keyworkers by Zoom for an hour.
I'm here to offer you free support you if you're realising that your relationship with alcohol is becoming unhealthy, that you've become a habitual drinker without realising it's happening. I work with Coaching and NLP techniques to help raise your awareness around your habitual drinking patterns so that you can find and make alternative choices to alcohol, which in turn will benefit your ability to handle stress and anxiety. Contact me for support to help you rebalance yourself and take back your control.

Coaching Workshops for Teams and Organisations
We can offer, free of charge, workshops and team Coaching/NLP sessions to educators, students, businesses and orgnisations. We work in English, German or Turkish. We have worked across a number of different countries and cultures and are particularly keen to help people plan ahead, deal with uncertainties, understand themselves and others better. We also run sessions based on current research into the workplace of the future and support people to put themselves in a strong position.

Transformational Life Coaching & Eating Psychology Coaching
The COVID-19 pandemic is now hitting the whole world and many people are struggling with a deep feeling of uncertainty about the future. I’ve decided to do my best to support everyone in need during these difficult times by offering all my 1-to-1 coaching services including the long-term programmes completely free of charge.

Coaching 1:1. Make adversity work for you. Coaching for those experiencing stress, anxiety, and self-confidence concerns.
Very honored and happy to provide free confidential coaching sessions, to key workers and their families. I specialize in performance Coaching, helping individuals overcome self-limiting beliefs (confidence), anxiety, and stress. We work closely together to bring about awareness of resources you may not have known existed, to springboard you to a place of confidence, mental agility and toughness. Sessions run one hour a week and end when you feel you have reached your desired outcome. My Coach training is from Cambridge University, U.K.,. I have added an additional certification as an NLP Practitioner.

Free Zoom group coaching and one-on-one coaching
“Women’s Covid19 Helpdesk” starting 2nd September 2020 onwards and individual 1-2-1 sessions to help women experiencing anxiety, stress, long term health issues plus special sessions for women in domestic violence situations (and post trauma). These sessions are free.