Complimentary Support Sessions

Sometimes, our members choose to give back to the community by offering complimentary sessions or taster sessions, so you can 'try before you buy'. These offers are listed below - please contact the member direct to take advantage of their offer.

5D NLP Discovery Day
5D NLP will take you on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment that will give you a deep sense of connection, purpose and healing.

Change your limiting self beliefs and habits for good.
I am an NLP Practitioner, a nutrition level 4 coach and a Personal Trainer. I can help you lose weight for good whilst changing your limiting self beliefs and help you gain positive habits. Let me help you finally get out of your own way and see what is possible if you only believe in yourself! You get to choose how you begin each day, you get to choose how you feel in yourself and what you want to achieve in your own body and I would love to help you get to that great place.
Laura Lansley
07780 695278

NLP & Coaching Taster Day
This one day event is for anyone interested in NLP and coaching for either personal development , or are considering training and becoming an NLP and coaching professional. A fun and rich learning experience with ideas that can be used straight away in your personal and professional life.
Tony Nutley
01793 511180

Introduction to NLP for your personal and coaching growth
I regularly run free taster events -please go to to see details of the next one Whether you are interested in NLP for your own development, to enhance your coaching, your relationships or your communication I would love to see you!

Free Initial Consultation
The power to achieve our dreams lies within us. To master your external world, first, master your internal world. Take action and book your free initial consultation via my website.
Jayshree Dexter

NLP Training
Are you looking to learn NLP to help yourself or others? If so, I would be delighted to discuss with you to see if training with Enabling Wings will be a good fit for you.

Have you wondered if NLP can help you?
Have you heard the terms NLP or Coaching and wondered how it could help you in life and work? If you are curious, please book a complimentary discovery session to discover more.

LMB Phoenix Mind/Body Process Taster
As my LMB Phoenix Mind/Body process isn't for everyone, we work together online for around an hour to let us both know if my Phoenix Programme will help you reach your awesome goals.

How can coaching improve my life?
The most important first step is finding the right Coach. If you are curious about coaching and how it can benefit you and more importantly if we are the right fit to work together then arrange a chat today so I can discuss my unique method of mindset coaching using a mixture of NLP, teaching you how your brain works to clear unwanted negative emotions and beliefs and motivational work to unlock the knowledge of exactly what motivates you and how to use it personally, professionally and for your business to bring happiness and success to all aspects of life.

Measure Cognitive Diversity with Metaprogrammes
Coaches, trainers, and OD leads, do you need a new tool for your kit bag to engage and develop teams that will give you and them the competitive edge? Train to become a MindSonar Coach and start measuring cognitive diversity. You will be able to identify 7 different values and 13 thinking patterns in different scenarios to build a true picture of strengths and blindspots

Discovery Call
This is an opportunity to discuss what you are looking for and to experience a mini-coaching session so you can decide whether I am the right coach for you.
Wendi Mclean
01603 904700

Grief and Results Coaching
I offer a free coaching session to clients who feel stuck in life, through grief and loss. I am on a mission to get people understanding grief as an emotion rather than a process

20 minute taster session
Curious to get started and make changes then let's connect for a free taster session and see if we're a great fit. We'll discover your next step forwards whether it's with me or someone else. I can't wait to connect and support you soon. With so much gratitude for you, Liz

What is Cause & effect in NLP
Proactive NLP is all about taking responsibility for your outcomes, good or not so good. This is, in NLP terms, being at Cause. In other words, you are the cause of your results. If you're not 100% at Cause you are at Effect. In other words, you feel the effects of the world being against you. You become reactive, not proactive, you blame and seek to avoid accountability. In this short taster session we will explore this concept and seek to understand how our life improves when we choose to be proactive and become the cause of our results.
Paul McGowran

Free introduction session - elevate your heart centred people potential
Enjoy this free session where I introduce you to how NLP can elevate how you communicate with and support others. copy and paste the link -

FREE Introduction session to NLP
Grab a brew and get comfortable and enjoy this free 30 minute intro session to NLP Copy and paste the link -

Support for anyone who needs it right now
The first step is to discover where you're at right now. You may have a behaviour/thought/feeling that you would like to change, or you may want to achieve something in your life in a relaxed and focussed way, or to be more generally relaxed. We'll then go on to work together on this. I work in a variety of ways, using NLP and hypnotherapy.

Discovery Call
It is my desire as a coach to provide a very private and safe space for individuals and couples to have a deep conversation about sex and their intimate relationships. I support their desire to have more sex, become better lovers, and build deeper connections with their partners. This results in the experience of having a more fulfilled vibrant aliveness and creative energy that expands into the home, workplace and beyond. I offer packages designed to support your needs. I am kink friendly and GSRD. I have a specialisation in Compulsive Sexual Behaviours if we need it.