Complimentary Support Sessions

Sometimes, our members choose to give back to the community by offering complimentary sessions or taster sessions, so you can 'try before you buy'. These offers are listed below - please contact the member direct to take advantage of their offer.

Free Assessment Sessions
If you are new to Neuro Linguistic Programming and would like to explore how it could help you. You may take advantage of a one hour free assessment during which you can try it out and also assess my skill and ability to help you overcome the barriers that you are experiencing in achieving your goals, becoming happier, more peaceful, removing fears and doubt or even just understanding yourself better.

Discovering NLP & Hypnotherapy
During this session we will explore what & how hypnotherapy & NLP work. Hypnotherapy means you make the changes internally - without effort of consciously changing your behaviour - we access your 'hard wiring' & make the beneficial adjustments there! Get in touch to experience this powerful therapy. I feel honoured to be able to work with you.

NLP & Hypnosis based relaxation session
FREE Zoom NLP & Hypnosis relaxation session Every Sunday 8 PM (UK) Just use the link below: Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 580 950 3392 See you there.

Introduction to Coaching
Let me introduce you to how coaching works and how it could benefit you. This will be a very easy, comfortable chat and could include an activity to complete should you so wish.

Q&A on Generative Consulting with Robert Dilts
Join NLP School and NLP Co-Developer Robert Dilts for a free Q&A on Robert's upcoming Generative Consulting Training.
+44 (0)20 7274 9213

Q&A on NLP & Somatic Coaching with Judith DeLozier & Robbie Steinhouse
We are excited to present this 90 minute live online Q&A with Judith DeLozier and Robbie Steinhouse on 25th January from 7.00 pm UK time. Judith is one of the key founders in the field of NLP, having created or co-created a range of fundamental principles in the field including Perceptual Positions, Six Step Reframing, Somatic Syntax and the Dancing SCORE. Judy is also a model as a coach and therapist. Robbie is an NLP Master Trainer and the founder and director of NLP School
+44 (0)20 7274 9213

Please book a free 50-minute discovery call with me at
Our 50-minute "discovery" session can be a great way for us to connect, understand a little more about your desired outcome, what works for you in terms of Neuro Linguistic Programming and how we can work together to help you achieve your desired outcome. Please visit to book a session on the scheduler as per your convenience. Looking forward to meeting you online!

Discovery Day
Interesting new things can start with an NLP Discovery Day! A unique stress resilience-enhancing workshop that many people attend, benefit from, and enjoy. This Discovery Day is suitable for everyone interested in exploring NLP skills and topics for their own interest and personal development. It’s also ideal if you are considering professional NLP and coach training, adding NLP skills to your current skill set, attending for your professional development, or thinking of a change of career or direction. After attending Discovery Day, you can choose to progress to NLP Diploma training to use NLP skills effectively, confidently and competently.

Supporting through Transformation
I will offer 2 free coaching sessions to potential clients who are in need of extra motivation and inspiration. I would be delighted to be part of your journey.

I offer a free online consultation lasting approximately 45 minutes. We will look in depth at the issue through your eyes and discuss options towards recovery.

5D NLP Discovery Day
5D NLP will take you on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment that will give you a deep sense of connection, purpose and healing.

Change your limiting self beliefs and habits for good.
I am an NLP Practitioner, a nutrition level 4 coach and a Personal Trainer. I can help you lose weight for good whilst changing your limiting self beliefs and help you gain positive habits. Let me help you finally get out of your own way and see what is possible if you only believe in yourself! You get to choose how you begin each day, you get to choose how you feel in yourself and what you want to achieve in your own body and I would love to help you get to that great place.
Laura Lansley
07780 695278

NLP & Coaching Taster Day
This one day event is for anyone interested in NLP and coaching for either personal development , or are considering training and becoming an NLP and coaching professional. A fun and rich learning experience with ideas that can be used straight away in your personal and professional life.
Tony Nutley
01793 511180

Introduction to NLP for your personal and coaching growth
I regularly run free taster events -please go to to see details of the next one Whether you are interested in NLP for your own development, to enhance your coaching, your relationships or your communication I would love to see you!

Free Initial Consultation
The power to achieve our dreams lies within us. To master your external world, first, master your internal world. Take action and book your free initial consultation via my website.
Jayshree Dexter

NLP Training
Are you looking to learn NLP to help yourself or others? If so, I would be delighted to discuss with you to see if training with Enabling Wings will be a good fit for you.

Have you wondered if NLP can help you?
Have you heard the terms NLP or Coaching and wondered how it could help you in life and work? If you are curious, please book a complimentary discovery session to discover more.

LMB Phoenix Mind/Body Process Taster
As my LMB Phoenix Mind/Body process isn't for everyone, we work together online for around an hour to let us both know if my Phoenix Programme will help you reach your awesome goals.

How can coaching improve my life?
The most important first step is finding the right Coach. If you are curious about coaching and how it can benefit you and more importantly if we are the right fit to work together then arrange a chat today so I can discuss my unique method of mindset coaching using a mixture of NLP, teaching you how your brain works to clear unwanted negative emotions and beliefs and motivational work to unlock the knowledge of exactly what motivates you and how to use it personally, professionally and for your business to bring happiness and success to all aspects of life.