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How do I add/edit my Course/Workshop in the Diary?

You need to be logged in to the website so you can access the Courses/Workshops facility from your profile.

When you are logged in, go to your profile and click on the Courses/Workshops tab, which is visible at the bottom of your profile when you are in 'View my Profile' mode.

There will be an icon inviting you to add your entry.

Any existing diary entries will also be listed in this section and you can edit there by clicking the edit icon (a black cog).

Please note: If you are uploading details of a modular course, simply enter the dates of the first module as the start and end date, rather than the start date of the first module and the end date of the final module. Then put all the module dates within the course description. You will find more people express an interest in a course, if they realise it is not a 6 month full time course!

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