ANLP Code of Ethics

The ANLP Code of Ethics is your NLP Best Practice Framework. It gives you the parameters within which you can operate with safety.

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ANLP Code of Ethics

The Hippocratic Oath (c. AD 275) is an Oath of Ethics that doctors and physicians were required to swear by before they could practice medicine.  Part of that oath is translated as:


“I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice.”

(Classic Hippocratic Oath accessed 15/06/20)

Have you read the ANLP Code of Ethics?  Take a look here if you’re a Professional Member and here if you’re a Trainer or Accredited Trainer Member…

Being an ANLP Member means that you have signed up to this and agreed to adhere to it…and it is a huge benefit to you and your business that you did!

The ANLP Code of Ethics is your NLP Best Practice Framework.  It gives you the parameters within which you can operate with safety for you and your clients and customers…and as NLP is currently an unregulated field, this can give your clients and potential clients the comfort they need to procure your services.  Attach a link to your website and any business emails you send out…it endorses you as a professional and demonstrates that you, as an NLP Professional, belong to a Professional Body that holds their safety and wellbeing at their core.

Safeguarding is a big deal…it has always been a big deal.  People viewing your profile, your website and social media and those who are looking for NLP services may not know exactly what safeguarding is and yet they will know exactly what it means to them.   As an NLP Professional providing a product or service to them, you have an obligation to look after their wellbeing whilst they are working with you.  The more they know it and feel “looked after”, the better you and the field of NLP becomes…

The modern equivalent of the Hippocratic Oath forms the ethical basis for almost all regulated practices of Medicine around the world.  The ANLP Code of Ethics can also be applied equally in any country.  It encourages your potential clients to be curious about what makes “good” NLP. 

We are confident that, as a Member of ANLP, you will pass their due diligence checks, in part due to your adherence to the ANLP Code of Ethics.