What's Important to You?

I love having the opportunity to connect with ‘new’ NLP Practitioners, at the start of their journey...

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What's Important to You?

Posted by Karen Falconer on

I love having the opportunity to connect with ‘new’ NLP Practitioners, at the start of their journey into one of the most magical, life affirming and empowering practices, which is now at their fingertips.

When I chat with them during a Q and A session, I come away feeling inspired, my passion is reignited and I have fresh perspective, mainly thanks to their intelligent, heart led questions. 

A lot of the time, during these sessions, I am merely a signpost, pointing them in the right direction, so they know how to access what is important to them when they are enjoying their 3 month ANLP introductory membership.

As well as being their signpost and membership guide, the questions inform us in so many ways and I often come away thinking

  • how could we improve that service?
  • how could we develop further support or resources in that area?
  • Wow, that’s a great idea!

On a recent zoom call with a trainer and his latest group of practitioner students, the trainer recently commented that they learn something new on every call too…and that makes sense because there are so many facets to ANLP membership that we could never promote it all on the home page of the website! 

The Q and A sessions are a great opportunity to have your questions answered and to personalise your students’ experience of ANLP. You are also empowering them to make the most of their ANLP introductory membership by ensuring they can quickly and easily identify and access the resources that may make a difference.

For more information about the ANLP Q and A sessions, click here...and I really look forward to talking with you and your students very soon.

Karen Falconer
Karen Falconer

Karen is CEO of both ANLP International CIC and the NLP International Conference Ltd, Editor of Rapport Magazine and author of The NLP Professional. She is qualified to NLP Trainer level and is a Professional Certified mBIT coach. Karen is also a founder member of the International NLP Research Committee, a Trustee of the NLP in Education Trust, a member of the NLP Press Editorial Board, a school Governor and winner of Hertfordshire Woman of the Year 2009.